20 years ago today

20 years ago today, I received a marriage proposal. Mr. M and I had just moved halfway across the country and were renting a one-bedroom apartment as we worked to find jobs and establish our new life. To be honest, the proposal was not a complete surprise. I had given up everything I knew in order to start this new life with him, in the city where he had grown up. I made it fairly clear that, in exchange, I would be in need of some sort of commitment. :::cough cough hint hint:::

And so it was that on New Year's Eve, 1995, we went out to dinner at a supper club and then went back to our little apartment, where he dropped to one knee and asked me the big question. I accepted his proposal and started planning my wedding, which would take place 17 months later.

I've been wearing this diamond ever since. It was bitten by a dog once and was no worse for wear. I never take it off, partly because it doesn't come off without a fight from my finger. It's possible that I've gained an ounce or two or 500 since my wedding day.

Did you ever watch those paternity tests on Maury? Is that show still on?  I caught a few episodes years ago - it was pretty corny. One thing that always struck me was how young the who-fathered-my-baby chicks were. Also, I wondered about their math skills ("I'm 150-percent sure that JJ is the daddy!")  When the dude would come out, there was sometimes a conversation between the two that went something like this: "Baby, you and me been through so much together."  And I always thought, "What are you talking about? You're 16!"

Me and my guy, though?  We have legitimately been through some stuff. 23 1/2 years worth of stuff.  Good, bad, ugly, you name it. I still dig him, though. Would I do anything differently?  Probably not. I know I would accept that proposal all over again. So, I'll happily keep wearing this ring because well, you know.

One day, a few weeks ago, I pried off the ring to clean it. I realized I was ringless when I got to work. So, I was officially single for the day. Nothing exciting happened, though.


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