Merry, Merry

Well, it's all over but the shouting, I guess. Our gifts are shipped (to Oklahoma, Virginia, Maryland, and Minnesota), and I'm all shopped out. I took a half-day off work last Friday and knocked out a lot of the shopping then. I just need to wrap the gifts I bought for my kid and my husband. Of course, I need to kick them out of the house first, which is no small feat. A asked for a table she can use for sewing. My friend Sarah is moving and had an extra table. A win-win! I just need to paint that bad boy and I'll be all set. I would do it after the kid goes to sleep but half the time she stays up later than I do.  I did get her the dress form she wanted, too. Dress forms can get pretty pricey and the one I bought is fairly basic. I just hope it's not too rickety. The only way the table and dress form will fit in her bedroom is if we pull out the huge dollhouse and put it in storage. I might just shed a tear when that happens.

I didn't send Christmas cards or do any baking this year. I actually enjoy doing both but just didn't seem to have the time to take on any big projects this Christmas. I did show up at a vegan bake sale last weekend, which was awesome (got my fill of baked goods without baking, in other words). I have been dragging the kid around to our usual festivities.  We saw a Christmas musical last weekend and have attended a few other events as well. She wants me to take her to a kids-only shop (at a local museum) on Saturday.  I pointed out to her that she doesn't have any money because she never bothers to do any chores. She's trying to convince me that she wants to buy gifts for me and her dad but I think she actually wants to buy them for the boy.

Speaking of the boy, he called yesterday and invited her over after school.  So, I talked to his mom and agreed to a playdate.  I am just not ready for this! My baby still can't turn the shower on by herself and now she's walking home from school with a boy.  I cannot deal, mes amis. Can. Not. Deal.  He does seem like a nice kid, so it's not that. It's just that . . . my baby!

One bit of good news - our foster dog (Botas) got adopted last weekend. His new family is very nice and I know they were excited to get him. People always say, "Oh, I could never foster. I could never give up a dog like that." Well, let's see. Young Botas pooped on my floor, dug in the trash, and counter surfed. He's also very sweet, super cuddly, and extremely adorable.  So, that's why I didn't kill him.  My job was to fix him up as best as I could (we did make a LOT of progress with the housebreaking during his weeks with us) and then pass him along to someone who apparently doesn't mind a little puppy poop on the floor. So, that's what I did. It's all good.


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