The fifty dollar pillowcase

I took my daughter to another sewing class at Jo-Ann Fabrics. Since I don't sew, I have to rely on strangers to teach her. The goal of this class was to create a pillowcase with contrasting trim. I took her to the store ahead of time last week to buy the fabric and related supplies. Not surprisingly, she chose a tiger (zebra?) print for the main part of the pillowcase and hot pink for the trim. Then we looked at the pattern books so that she could pick out a Halloween costume for Meemaw to make for her. I had some serious flashbacks while we were there. My mom is a crazy-good sewer and as a kid I remember sitting in fabric stores while she thumbed through patterns and fondled various bolts of fabric. I remember being bored out of my gourd and thinking that time seemed to stand still. But now I'm a grown-up so I was able to leave as soon as we were done. I guess the sewing bug just never bit me, but I'm hopeful that my daughter will really get into it. She and I have been watching Project Runway together. I don't sew, but I love to watch the creative process in action. I figure someone has to grow up and be on that show - why not my little fashion plate?

The class was yesterday from 1-4 p.m. I left for a bit in the middle (bought her some school shoes at Kohl's) because I thought she might listen to the instructor better if I wasn't there.  There were quite a few kids in the class (including one boy - yay!) so the poor instructor had her work cut out for her. I did weep inwardly every time I heard her tell a kid that they were "doing good," I must admit.

I sat in the back of the classroom and read a couple of magazines while the kids cut their fabric, sewed it, etc. At one point my kid was running her sewing machine while she was supposed to be pinning her fabric. The instructor busted her and said, "We're not using our machines right now." What was the kid doing? She made herself a sash and then wore it. No kidding. Leave it to my daughter to go rogue at the fabric store. 

Anyway, I feel compelled to show you what a fifty-dollar pillowcase looks like. It was $35 for the class and $15 for the supplies. I feel like we should preserve the thing under glass or something.


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