How cold was it?

When I drove to yoga class at 7:45 this morning, the temperature outside was 1 degree.  And that's without any sort of wind chill factor.  On my way home (about an hour and a half later), I noticed that the temperature had risen to a balmy 2 degrees.  So, it goes without saying that today was the perfect day to drive to a tree farm in search of a Christmas tree. P and I joked that we were going to take the first tree we saw, even if it was already strapped to someone else's car.

We bundled up and drove to the tree place. The temperature was up to 8 degrees by this point. We grabbed a saw and headed into the field. Now, I don't know one type of evergreen from the next, but normally I am a little bit picky about the tree we choose. I like trees that have firm branches but also have needles that aren't overly prickly. After about five minutes of wandering around and having "how about this one?" discussions as we hopped up and down to keep blood flowing, I chose one that seemed to be the right size and shape. Our eyeballs were starting to freeze.

When we got it home and installed it in the tree stand, we quickly realized that's we'd chosen the extra-prickly variety. My daughter and I all but bled as we added the ornaments. After a while, we were sort of tossing decorations at the tree and hoping they would stick.

It turned out so purdy, though!


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