The apple of my eye

As is mandatory this time of year, we went apple-picking at a local orchard yesterday. It was a beautiful day - sunny and around 75 degrees. Every family in the state apparently had the same idea, as the joint was definitely jumping. When we got there, we boarded a tractor-drawn wagon and were then dropped off in the middle of the orchard. We were picking Red Delicious, Cortland, and Gala apples. I cautioned my husband and child not to pick too many apples because I'm really the only person in our home who eats apples (I eat one a day, sometimes two). P will eat one if it is baked into a pie. A will eat one if it is slathered in peanut butter.

The apples were infinitely more plentiful than last year. Weather problems in 2012 led to a bad crop, as I recall.  I remember going to the orchard with the kid and at times we were actually reduced to giving a second look to some of the ones that were on the ground. "Well, this one is only half rotten!" This year was a vast improvement. We gathered about 20 apples, ate three, and then headed back to the main building where one pays for the apples and can buy other stuff.  Patrick bought a baked good - some sort of apple square pastry thing. We also got a half-gallon of apple cider to take home and a little pint of apple cider to drink right away.

P and I sat under a tree while the kid played on a wooden train and whatnot. After a few minutes, she ran over to have a few sips of the apple cider. I watched her take a sip and then - I kid you not - lick the cap and then put it back on the container. WTF?  Seriously, do you have to spell out every little thing for kids? Is nothing prone to common sense?  I must admit that I never explicitly told her, "Don't lick something that you're sharing with other people."  She also keeps using my toothbrush lately.

Today, I baked my husband an apple tart using some of the Cortland apples we picked yesterday.  Fortunately, I can make this sort of thing without being tempted by it myself. I like apples just plain - I don't think they need to be disguised in any way. I also have issues with raisins in cookies, so I'm far from an authority on this stuff.


Deedeeree52 said…
The apple pie is beautiful. You got the whole raisins-in-cookies thing from your mother. Another horrible cookie deal -- remember Frookies? Oh, I do hope they're not still around.
Deedeeree52 said…
The apple pie looks beautiful. I'm very proud! On the subject of horrible cookie deals -- remember Frookies? I say "remember" because it's too upsetting to think they are still around. Also, you got the whole raisins-in-cookies hatred from your mother. It should be illegal.

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