All Better Now

I got my mom-mobile back on Thursday. It has been at the auto body shop since Monday morning. The insurance company supplied me with a rental car. They supply an "economy" car. I had the option of paying more for an upgrade but had no reason to do that. I mean, I'm already out $500 for the deductible for an accident that was not my fault. I am still a little bitter about it. I've been been paying for car insurance since I was 19 and someone else gets to drive around with none, even though it is against the law. :::sigh:::

Anyway, the car I rented was a Toyota Yaris. It was tiny. In fact, it can only be seen under a microscope. Looking on the bright side, it fit in my garage like nobody's business.  I have to do some maneuvering to make my mom-mobile fit in there. I will also say that the Yaris gets kick-ass gas mileage. I drove for three days on a quarter tank of gas. I'm used to a bigger vehicle with a much larger engine, so at times I would look down at the speedometer (while driving on the highway) only to discover that I wasn't even going the speed limit. So, I'd hit the gas to speed up and the engine would roar like my request was completely unreasonable. Plus, this particular car had a fun little quirk where the hatchback door would periodically become unlatched somehow. The door wouldn't fly open, but every time I rounded a corner or hit a bump, the car would emit a loud beep and the cabin lights would come on. Good times.

Fortunately, I got my van back after just a few days. I worked at a fundraiser yesterday and I had to haul bins of merchandise, snow fencing, etc.  I could barely fit myself into the Yaris; I knew that anything larger than my purse would be a no-go.

So, I'm back to being hopelessly uncool with my mini-van, but I don't mind. The passenger side looks good as new. In fact, I think the new door is actually an improvement over the old. The new door came off a van with significantly fewer miles on it. Plus, the old door stuck sometimes because SOMEone (a curly-haired someone who sits in the back seat) has been spilling drinks on that door for the past six years. So every summer, when it gets super hot, old juice (stuff that's way down in the track) is re-activated and gets sticky all over again.

Say what you will about my mom-mobile but it is paid for and I'm gonna drive that mofo into the ground, ya'll. Into the GROUND.


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