Now I can bore you with my vacation

Now that I've shipped my niece back to DC, I thought I should backtrack a bit and blather on about our vacation. As you may recall, it started off badly with my husband getting waaaay lost. So, things could only get better from there. We woke up on Saturday morning ready to get our vacation started.  The kid and I went "into town" for a few groceries. We stopped at a farmers' market which, as luck would have it, was hosting some special "kids' day" activities. She had her face painted, played some games, and petted some hipster's rabbit. (Seriously - I wasn't sure how else to describe that. This dread-locked dude had an angora rabbit and he was plucking out chunks of loose fur so that he could weave something out if it later, I guess.)

When we got back to the cabin, it started to rain. And then to hail. The hail was a little unnerving but we took it in stride. Because we had alcohol and didn't have anywhere we needed to be. I had also brought along lots of stuff for the kid to do. She played games on the Kindle, watched the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS (that's right), and spent an entire afternoon making crafts out of masking tape. She then set up a store to sell her masking tape products, and forced me to purchase a nail polish holder for a quarter. It's basically a slab of masking tape with the words "nail polish holder" written on it. I can't return it because she didn't give me a receipt. Because I know what's good for me, I dutifully took it home after our trip and piled a bunch of bottles of nail polish on it. Occasionally she asks me, "How's that nail polish holder workin' out for ya?"  I think this is code for "don't you dare throw that thing out until I leave for college."

The weather got better as the week wore on. Some days we left the cabin and actually went somewhere - such as the day we went hiking at a state park - and other days we went nowhere at all. The kid and her dad did a lot of fishing. We don't eat fish so they just caught the fish, made the fishes' lives flash before their eyes, and then tossed them back in. I walked the dogs once a day so that I could say I had "worked out."  I also did follow through with my plan to do some yoga on the deck. It was downright peaceful, downward-dogging it with the call of the loon drifting up off the lake.

We basically did the same stuff we do every year, which isn't a bad thing. I read a couple of books. Normally I don't get as much time for reading as I would like. The most excitement we had was that Gideon broke out of his crate while we were out and ate all of our cinnamon rolls and doughnuts. So, aside from being short on breakfast items thereafter, we had a great time.


Mary said…
Sounds very nice and relaxing.... well, besides the other half getting lost a wee bit! Looks like a very nice area to be in, love the Loons, we have a Mom, Dad and baby and it's so cute!;) Oh and A has the biggest prettiest smile, seems like she never stops smiling!!;)

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