It's hot, but I carry on . ..

I haven't posted in a few days because, well, I haven't done all that much. Or at least, not anything very exciting.

Since my last post, I:
  • Complained a bit about the heat. Normally, I am not one to complain too much about the weather because it's pointless - I think it's best to reserve the kvetching for situations that can be changed. But seriously, ya'll - it's hot as fuck.
  • Went to yoga three times. Each time,  I broke a sweat before class even started, just from the exertion of rolling out my yoga mat. 
  • Had a date night with my husband. We rode a roller coaster and then went out for drinks and dinner. My beloved said the wrong thing to me at the bar and then I had to go all silent treatment on him for a little while. You'd think the man would learn after 20 years.
  • Went to church. The sermon dealt with confronting racism and gave me a lot of food for thought.
  • Took my daughter and her friend to a water park (I had free passes that I won in a raffle).
  • Went to the garden center to see if they had any sod. When the surly teenaged clerk informed me that they didn't have sod and that she had no way of knowing if they will ever have sod, I bought grass seed instead. 
  • On a related topic, I gave my daughter's sandbox to my friend Mary to use for her grandchildren. She gave me a batch of snickerdoodles when she picked up the sandbox, and that seemed like a fair trade to me.  The reason I gave it to her is that we bought it for A a couple years ago and she used it approximately three times. Then she spotted a spider in the sand one day and never touched the sandbox again.  Ahhh, that was money well spent. Anyhow, once the sandbox was gone, I was left with a sizable grassless spot. Hence, the need for sod.
  • Went to the farmers' market Saturday morning and bought spinach, peaches, and mushrooms.
  • Went to a second farmers' market with my friend Karen after work on Tuesday. It was so hot at the market that we went to a nearby restaurant instead. The server informed us that we could have all the wine we could drink for ten bucks and we said, "Yes, please!"
  • Went shopping for a dress to wear to a formal event that I am attending on Friday. Not wanting to spend a ton of money on a fancy dress that I'll never wear again (because my husband never takes me anywhere good), I headed to Goodwill.  And, lo and behold, I found a very pretty Evan Picone dress that's perfect for the occasion and will also work just fine for a funeral, should such a need arise.
  • Spent the 4th of July mostly indoors. I took my daughter to a movie (Mirror, Mirror) at the budget theater.  There were a bunch of activities going on downtown all day, but we opted to wait and head down there just in time for the fireworks. 
 Now I'm all confused because I had a day off work in the middle of the week. That is all.


Sarah said…
Your description of the weather is priceless! Thanks for the smile, I needed it. We got the same response when we looked for sod.....and bought grass seed. We even rid our backyard of a sandbox the sellers left behind. I want to be just like Claudia!!!! :-)

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