A Noteworthy Sort of Day

20 years ago today, I was stood up for a date (the nerve, right?) and went out with a friend of mine instead. We went to a club in Washington DC called The Dome. And there I met a cute Marine who was stationed at Quantico. I asked him to dance, thereby boosting his ego and giving him the opportunity to tell all of his jarhead buddies: "Yeah, she wanted me pretty bad." 20 years is a really long time to hang out with the same person voluntarily, so props to us, eh?

Also, my first grader is now a second grader. Today is the last day of school. There was an awards ceremony on Monday and my daughter received a certificate of recognition for having "the best sense of humor and being a great reader."  I am not sure if this is akin to a "participation ribbon" in sports, but I'm oddly proud of the sense of humor part. She gets it from me, you know.

So, here she is on her last day as a first grader. As usual, she is just a big bowl of sunshine and rainbows this morning. (So far she has screamed at us because she can't find her socks and because one of the dogs looked at her.)


Audreee said…
I feel old now, thanks.
how dare the dogs look at her!!
Lisa said…
happy 20 years!

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