All winter long, I listened to the song "June Hymn" by The Decemberists and daydreamed about summertime. I couldn't wait for all of the festivals, weekends out of town, long walks with my dogs, and gardening with a spade in one hand and a Mike's Hard Cranberry in the other. And now, 'tis here! We spent another eventful weekend doing fun stuff - from a garden fair to a teddy bear hunt to a trip to a farm. One bad thing happened to me this weekend, though. I bought a package of cookies from a bake sale (yes, I am on Weight Watchers, but I had to go to the bake sale because it was a benefit for a German Shepherd rescue, which is run by a friend of mine. You understand). Anyway, I got the cookies home and ate part of one, only to find out that it had coconut in it. SON OF A BISCUIT! Honest to God, there ought to be a law.

Anyway, here is the song I've been humming. There is a line that says, "Once upon it, the yellow bonnets, garland all the lawn."  One day my daughter asked me, "Mom, why do you like that song about the yellow vomit so much?"  Kids, they just have a way of ruining every damn thing, don't they?


Anonymous said…
Love The Decemberists!

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