The kid and I are hanging out in the DC area for a week or so. We're staying with my middle sister and her family. My sister had a doctor's appointment this morning and two of her three kids had school, so she dropped us off at the Metro and A and I headed downtown. The kid has been studying American presidents in school and I thought it would be educational for her to see the Lincoln Memorial and whatnot.

When we got downtown, we walked from the Smithsonian Metro stop all the way to the Lincoln Memorial, which is actually a bit of a haul. As it turns out, it takes even longer when the shortest member of your party stops every 30 seconds to pick dandelions. Anyway, we made it to the memorial and she even read part of the Gettysburg address. We also visited the Korean War memorial and the WWII memorial. The Washington Monument is closed, but we walked up to it and took some photos. 

After that, we walked to the Old Post Office Pavilion and rode to the top of the observation tower. Then we ate a couple pizzas of greasy pizza. I called P to ask if our washing machine had been delivered* and put his daughter on the phone. She told him that she "didn't do much" today. Five monuments and she didn't do much?  After we left the Old Post Office Pavilion, I then took her to the American History Museum - you know, for more nothingness. I also bought her a plush version of Bo, the President's dog. In a pink purse . . . because you know that's how Bo rolls. 

On the ride back into Virginia, she insisted on hanging on a pole even though there were plenty of seats.

Keep my baby off the pole! 
*I would tell you about my trip to the laundromat, but I've blocked most of it out. It involved a lot of unsupervised children and loud, non-English shouting. My soul died a little that day.


Unknown said…
Oh, the number of times my kiddos have insisted on hanging off Metro poles when there are plenty of seats to be had. We've done the PO tower too. After working nearby (at the American History Museum) for over a year I never knew you could get up in the tower until a few years ago. Really nice views to fill in when the Washington is out of commission. Glad she seems to be having fun.
Anonymous said…
Waiting for *

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