Random weekend stuff

Well, spring has sprung, eh? It has been freakishly warm. Normally in these parts we're still wearing jackets in May. So, I was ill-prepared from the sudden onslaught of warm weather (as in, summer clothes are still sound asleep in plastic bins in my basement). What really struck me as odd is that it wasn't a one or two-day anomaly - it's been a sustained stretch of above-average temperatures.  Part of me thinks, "Well, isn't this nice? I can walk the dogs after dinner!" But the rest of me thinks, "Holy shit, we're all going to die in a fiery apocalypse when the planet hurls itself into the sun once and for all!"  Seriously, though, if this year's weather isn't proof positive of global warming (or climate change, or whatever you want to call it), I don't know what is.

The kid and I are flying to DC next week, so we are really excited about that. We're leaving P with four Boxers, but he doesn't seem to mind too much. He can play poker on his Kindle around the clock without having the ol' ball and chain asking him if he's developed bed sores (he also enjoys it when I make passive-aggressive statements like, "I know you're really busy with all that nothing that you're doing, but would you please help the kid with her math homework?"). He'd probably drive us to the airport now if he could. I bought the kid a few new spring/summer things for the trip. Most of her clothing from last year will still fit her fine, though, in as much as she forgot to grow this year. My little sprite. The only thing on her that's not tiny is her mouth, which runs from sunrise until well past her bedtime. I figured she could use a few new things for DC and then for Disney, though. I wanted her to come shopping with me, but she chose a play date with one of her friends instead. I know how I rate.

Speaking of Disney, I bought our "park hopper" tickets on Friday. As soon as I clicked the "purchase" button on the Disney website, our bank's security division freaked out and called us immediately. I guess they were surprised to see us making such a freakishly large purchase out of the blue on our debit card. Believe me, Mr. Bank Person, no one is more shocked at the cost than we are. I am concerned that they will have to call us every time we buy a bottle of water at the park, too (I'm guessing those are, what? A grand?). I suppose I'm glad they are looking out for fraudulent purchases, though.

In other news, I abandoned my family for the weekend and took a little trip out of town with a couple of friends from the rescue. We went to a St. Patrick's Day parade, drank jello shots (using vegan jello) out of dixie cups, and toured a winery.  We also did a little shopping and met a Basset Hound named Truman - possibly the sweetest dog ever. We came up with a hastily conceived plan to dog nap Truman from the shop where he was "working," but then he started woo-woo-wooing (as hounds are wont to do) so we had to leave him behind. I think Truman weighed about the same as a SmartCar, though, so I'm not sure the plan would have worked anyway. The weather was so nice that we were able to spend most of the evening on our suite's patio . . . eating, drinking, and shooting potato pellets (what? you don't travel with a potato pellet gun?) Actually, my friend Sarah bought it for her children. Or at least that's the line she gave us. We also got a lot of mileage out of a clip-on mustache that my friend Jennifer bought earlier in the day.

When I got home on Sunday, P was apparently exhausted from spending 27 hours alone with his child. He was drinking an amaretto and OJ. At noon. "She just talks so much . . . " he said, his voice trailing off. Last week A announced that she wants to be a librarian when she grows up. If they lift the whole "quiet in the library" thing, that career plan might just work out for her.


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