Peace and quiet . . . or something like that

We're embarking on a little vacation tomorrow. Don't make plans to rob us while we're gone - we do have someone taking care of our house and our ninja cat while we're on vacation. I'm pretty sure she will be armed (our pet sitter, not our cat, although I'm reasonably certain that Ella Fitzkitty would gladly pack some heat if given the chance). We're doing our annual cabin-by-the-lake trip (a very nice friend lets us use his cabin every year). My wee baby sister and her clan will be joining us. I keep thinking, "Ahhh, can't wait to relax" and then I remember that we'll have a two-year-old, a four-year-old, and a six-year-old there. There's a nice little brew pub where we usually eat when we're at the lake, and I just keep picturing the wait staff frantically playing rock-paper-scissors as we approach to see who gets stuck with our table.

My sister found out yesterday that she is having another boy.  So, we'll have two more boys in the family by the end of the year (total grandkid tally for my parents: five boys, two girls). My mom had three girls and used to say, "I don't know how to clean poop off balls!" When my youngest sister called me yesterday to tell me that the new baby is a boy, she said, "Well, at least I already know how to clean poop off balls."

I've been packing since Monday. We have to take all of our own linens and towels so there is a lot to pack. P threw five items in a suitcase and announced that he is "good to go" so of course the rest falls to me. The food, the ice, the bug spray, etc. Anyway, if all goes well, in about 24 hours I'll have a glass of merlot in hand as I gaze out at the lake and attempt to tune out the sounds of the wee cousins fighting over a juicebox or some such thing.

See you on the flipside!

I'll leave you with this little earworm. Be prepared before you listen to it - it will stick with you. My friend Leslie sent it to me yesterday. If she lived closer, I would've slashed her tires by now.


Lisa said…
have a fun time!

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