Making Amends

My lovely niece, she is depressed. She can't believe I didn't mention her in this blog entry. In my defense (paper-thin though it is), I did write about A's cousins in that piece but couldn't get the wording quite right and ended up deleting that passage. A certain seventh-grader from Northern Virginia most certainly took notice of this omission.

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the world's most fabulous niece. You see, I am hopeful that she will become a veterinarian someday and that I will receive free vet care for the rest of my life. I must remain in her good graces.

The awesomeness that is my niece:
  • She was born in 1998, becoming the first grandchild in the family. At birth, she looked just like her father.  However, now she looks just like my sister (except blond). She seems to have received a hefty dose of the "tall, skinny" DNA that missed me entirely. I am pretty sure she will be taller than I am soon, even though I have expressly forbidden it.
  • L is very bright and is a good student. At the end of the school year, she earned every award that her school and the county had to offer - everything from a certificate for serving as president of her school to an academic achievement letter from President Obama. She feels fairly certain that he didn't sign it personally, though. What my daughter was awarded on her last day of school: a coupon for Subway.
  • Even though she is almost officially a teen, she is still downright nice. I'm not saying that the door-slamming and sense of perpetual indignation won't show up at some point, but so far, so good.
  • She makes amazing guacamole. And I don't even like guacamole.
  • She is a good role model for my daughter.  She generally tolerates her little brother.
  • She lets me call her "Blondie" even though it is the lamest nickname anyone ever came up with. It could be worse. My middle sister's nickname is "Cheech." 
  • L is a vegetarian and cares a lot about animals, so I generally assume that she gets these fine traits from me.
Here are some photos of my niece. I hope this redeems me in some way. I don't want to miss out on those free rabies shots.


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