Yeah, it was worth it

I weighed myself Monday morning. Yowza. Apparently, my body did indeed notice my vacation-related indulgences and expanded accordingly.  Damn!

Some of the stuff I enjoyed:
  • Utz Barbecue Potato Chips (I can't get these locally and that's probably for the best)
  • A chocolate chip cookie from Larry's Cookies. It was approximately the same diameter as a personal pan pizza. I just noticed that these cookies can be ordered online. Perhaps I should forget that I know that.
  • Pizza from Bugsy's Pizza. In fact, I ate pizza twice that day. I say that with no pride in my voice, believe me.
  • I have never been a big fan of guacamole, but I think I'm changing my mind. My niece made some fresh guacamole and I ate a shameful amount of it.
  • A fourteen-dollar glass of wine at this place. Well, two glasses, if you want to get all technical about it. I don't think the wine made me fat - I just mentioned it in case you might be impressed by this degree of fanciness. (Many thanks to my fancy friend who paid for this little outing!)
  • Some dark chocolate wafer things from Trader Joe's. And by "some," I mean "whole bag."
  • Some fabulous tex-mex from Anita's.
  • A Belgian waffle from the Silver Diner. Oh, and a side of potatoes.
I'm sure there were other extravagances, too, but I've probably blocked them out. I did eat a fair amount of fruit and did a decent amount of walking (and God knows I was sweating like all-get-out in the DC heat), but it wasn't enough to counteract the caloric onslaught.

I quickly got back on the proverbial horse on Monday and have dropped a couple pounds (of the six and a half I gained). I am pretty sure I can't lose four pounds in the next 36 hours before my Weight Watchers meeting, so I'll just go and face the music. I am biking 35 kilometers in a charity event on Sunday so maybe that will help for next week's weigh-in.

So there you have it, my confession.

At the wine bar


radioactivegan said…
Those chocolate wafer things are magical. I have gone through a bag in no time myself. And you still look great! Good luck at the bikeathon. That is so awesome :)

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