Party's almost over

We're headed home tomorrow. We drove straight through to DC on the way out, but will stop at a hotel on the way back. My van has been fixed, so at least I won't have that to worry about when I return. Shall I tell you what was wrong with it? Well, to provide a bit of background . . . for the past nine months or so, every time I get an oil change, the technician helpfully informs me that my battery is testing low. Each time, I pass this information along to my other half. He did not want me to have the dealership install a new battery, because he can do it himself more cheaply. He told me he would take care of it. As our road trip departure closed in, I asked about it multiple times.  I received a lot of eyerolls in exchange for my helpful reminders.

Anyway, guess what's wrong with my van. Go on, take a wild guess.  Yes, dead battery. The dealership called me today. The battery was so thoroughly drained that it could not even accept a charge. So, between the tow, the new battery, and cleaning the conductors (or some such thing), we are out $270. I know it is immature to say "I told you so" but I cannot think of a mature way to say it. I'm thinking of having a tee shirt made. I may also rent one of those marquee signs on wheels and place that in my front yard for a few weeks. I TOLD YOU THE BATTERY WAS DYING

In other news, we took the kids downtown to the Folklife Festival yesterday. As soon as we stepped off the Metro, we spontaneously melted. We were sucking down water and lemonade as fast as we could. The Peace Corps had some kids' activities so we took the cousins to that area. They each got a passport and did a bunch of activities in order to get their books stamped. We also let them ride the carousel on the Mall. We ducked into the Old Post Office Pavilion for lunch. I think we would've eaten in Hell if it had seemed even vaguely cooler than being outside on the Mall (which, it is worth noting, is essentially treeless). You may remember from history class that DC was built on a swamp. Or if you don't, this will make sense to you if you've ever visited. Before heading out, we hung out in a music tent for a while. P and I had hoped to spend more time doing that, but the kids were about to expire. Our kid insisted that she had cornered the market on being hot. If someone else claimed to be hot, she immediately corrected them and stated that she was the hottest anyone has ever been or will be in the future.

This morning I accompanied my sister and her boyfriend to the 4D ultrasound for their baby. It was pretty interesting (I never got to experience any of that myself). I was unable to confirm that the baby has my nose, because he held his hand in front of it. It was a classic "no paparazzi!" move. We were relieved to see that he still has a penis, because everyone has been buying boy clothes, including me. My new nephew was shy about showing his face, but had no problem displaying his junk. Hmmmm

My sister took the kids to Chuck E Cheese this afternoon (apparently the baby is sucking all of the good sense right out of her) so P and I took the opportunity to have a little lunch date in Old Town Alexandria. Our kid has actually not been bugging us much at all, because she is so busy playing with her cousins all the time. We're all still on speaking terms, but I'll let you know for sure after we spend the next two days in the car. Onward and upward!

My mohawked nephew on the carousel


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