The future is now

Revelation: my daughter will graduate high school in the year 2023.  When you were a kid, didn't you picture 2023 as, you know, a time when the Jetsons would be zipping around with jet-packs on their backs and whatnot?  I just need to get that hover conversion for my mini-van and I'll be all set. Just the thought of 2023 makes me feel extraordinarily old. I mean, I took TYPING in high school, for crying out loud. On a TYPEWRITER! I owned ALBUMS (and not in a hip, retro sense as part of the supposed vinyl comeback going on currently - I owned albums because that was the only choice we had). The hippest gadget I ever owned was a Walkman.

Speaking of gadgets, we got the kid a hot pink Nintendo DSi for her birthday. Don't worry - we're planning to leave our Best Buy credit card balance to her in our will. She received birthday money from her grandparents and great-grandmother, so we let her buy some DS games. (As a side note, these people - family members who have known me for 41 years - sent her a total of $160 for her birthday and I was lucky to get a kick in the shins on my birthday, but whatevs!) In addition to the Barbie/Princess/Ballerina games, she got a cats and dogs game, where she apparently takes care of some animals (even though she cannot even be bothered to feed our living cat at home). She meant to name her cyber cat "Pretty" and typed "Petty" instead. At first P and I couldn't figure out why she'd given the kitty such a disparaging moniker.

The DSi also has a camera on it, in addition to umpteen other features and functions - including the ability to connect to the internet. By the way, someone in our neighborhood has a wireless network called Megadeth_666.  I'm either really impressed or really frightened.  Anyway, back to the camera.  As the kid and I were waiting in line at the post office on Wednesday, she took a photo of my arse and then used the distortion lens to stretch it farther than it already goes. Then she used some sort of mirror tool that created repeating versions of my back end.  She showed it to me, laughed uproariously, and then saved the image for all time into a digital photo album on the DSi. All of this without even attempting to read the manual that came with the toy.

Honest to God, whatever happened to drawing a stick figure version of your mom on this:


Cindy the rockin friend said…
I wanna see the butt pic. ;)

And Megadeth_666 is probably the red bull house

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