In 30 years, I shall talk about . . .

I work in a business park with precious few lunch options nearby. My home is 20 minutes away from my office, so it doesn't work well to go home at lunch. So, I usually just bring my lunch and eat at my desk. However, the other day I felt like getting out of the office, so I went next door to the hospital. Now, before you think I've lost my mind ("who eats at a hospital on purpose?!"), this particular medical facility has a kick-ass cafeteria. I took my daughter there one time after one of her ear appointments and she has been begging me to take her back ever since.

Anyway, I grabbed a salad and settled at a table with the magazine I'd brought along.  I felt like kind of a tool for sitting at a table for four, but that's all that was available.  So, I was fairly relieved when an elderly couple came along and asked if they could sit at my table. "Absolutely!" I responded. 

They were a lovely twosome, she with her silver hair piled into a loose bun and he wearing a tweed newsboy cap . I had the impression they'd been married since Kennedy was in office (and possibly longer). She was pushing one of those walker things that doubles as a chair.  He dutifully moved a chair out of the way to make room for her at the table, and then set the tray in front of her.  They'd both gone for the hot lunch - some combination of meat and vegetables. Once they were both seated, they began to eat and chat.  I was reading my magazine and munching on my salad, but I couldn't help but hear most of what they were saying.  Would you like to know what a sweet, elderly couple talks about?  Absolute minutiae. 

Her: "There seems to be a lot of rice in this.  Do you think? Does it seem like a lot of rice?"
Him: "Yes, there's a lot of rice but also quite a few carrots."
Her: "The fish is good. How much was this anyway?"
Him: "$9 for both meals. It seems like you got a lot of fish."
Her: "Why wasn't so-and-so there this morning? I thought she'd be there."
Him: "So-and-so was there. Didn't you see her?"
Her: "What should we do with that old blanket? Throw it out? Or put on the swing outside until it gets dirty and then throw it out?"

And so on it went. I felt like I was seeing a ghost or something.  Is this me and P in 30 years or so? This morning we talked about the new Foo Fighters album (because we're still cool, dammit!). Is it only a matter of time until we are talking about the carrots to rice ratio of our dinner? Maybe I am closer to that stage than I think.  A kid (high school student) from my church sent me a friend request on Facebook. I accepted.  He's well-liked in our fellowship because he's very funny and is just an all-around nice guy.  Anyway, I literally do not understand anything he posts on Facebook.  Nothing.  So yeah, I'm growing less hip by the minute.

Of course, my husband and I have other reminders that we are getting older. The other day P picked up our daughter and propped her on his hip. She farted on him.  And then giggled hysterically.  He said, "When you get married, I'm going to tell your husband that you used to fart all the time."

She looked at him and responded, "But Daddy! You won't be alive!"


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