Addiction update (and whatnot)

I am happy to report that I did indeed kick my Diet Wild Chery Pepsi habit.  It has been four weeks since I enjoyed the sweet, bubbly, caffeine-laced beverage that I so love. I really wanted to get rid of the ones I have left in the refrigerator (give them away at work or something), but my husband refused because he "might want to mix them with rum."  Ever the supportive one, that guy. I have had a couple of rough days where I've wanted to open the fridge and lick one of the cans.  I say that with no pride in my voice, believe me.

After my break-up with Pepsi, my immediate challenge was: what the hell do I drink now?  On a typical work day, I would drink Crystal Light until 10 or so and then grab a soda. Now I just keep the Crystal Light on my desk the whole day (for what it's worth, I do realize that Crystal Light has chemicals in it, as does soda, but at least I'm ahead in the caffeine and carbonation categories).  I also keep a jug full at home.  It's safe to say that I'm all Crystal Light-ed out.  I recently discovered Sobe Lifewater and now I keep buying those (which aren't cheap).  Just trading one bad habit for another, I guess.

I have been attending my Weight Watchers meetings faithfully.  I've lost five pounds over the last month. I never know what to expect from the scale.  I'm currently 33.6 pounds under my original starting weight (September 2005) and approximately 33.2 pounds over my goal weight. And by "approximately" I mean "exactly."  I may as well be honest about it. I've been trying to mix up my workout routine a bit more.  I usually head for the treadmill at the gym but this week I climbed aboard an elliptical machine instead (works completely different muscles, as I found out the next morning).  I also tried a Centergy class yesterday, which is yoga and pilates. I made it through the class in one piece and then tripped in the parking lot on my way out and twisted my ankle. I'm a graceful one, aye.

I have also stuck with my "no eating after 6 p.m." plan, with only two exceptions (moms' night out stuff). I think that has probably made the biggest difference, honestly. An unarmed bag of chips starts looking mighty tempting in those hours after the sun sets. Since I can't be trusted just to have a few, it's better that I don't eat any.

Despite the progress I've made, I don't have a lot of confidence that I'll get back to my goal weight. I know I should be more positive about it, but I just don't think it's in the cards.  I'm just trying to focus on my health and hope that with that progress comes the possibility that my shorts will fit this summer (I didn't wear shorts one single time last summer).

In other news, I am busy planning my daughter's sixth birthday party.  I've booked a room (thanks to Angela Z for suggesting a location!) and roped my reptile rescue friend into bringing her posse to the party. I also need to thank the blog reader who suggested a graphic of a snake wearing a tiara, because I ran with that suggestion, too. I have no talent, so I got my artsy-fartsy friend Dave (who did not even question my odd request) to do it. Invitations are going out tomorrow. I've also decided to have a go at making cupcakes for the party.  Usually I just order a cake for the kid's birthday, but cupcakes will surely be easier.  I think we're going to have a fairly sizable crowd for the party. A is very excited, of course.  What I don't understand is how she came to be six years old. Did I not just bring her home from the hospital?


Mary said…
Yup, me again.;) Can I be A's friend, I wanna come to her party!!!:) Sounds so awesome!!
I agree, it does seem like you just took her home from the hospital!The time does not slow down either. One more thing, have you ever tried Vitamin Water, I like it a bit better than Life Water but hey, maybe you won't.;)You have a lot more will power than I do that's for sure, I should quit eating after 6, well, I should quit eating for a few months really and not willing to give up my diet Coke either, but at least I've cut down a lot!! Good luck to you!!

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