The Week That Was

It's so tragic that it takes me a week to catch up from a week's vacation. But so true. I will try to come up with a more meaningful post soon.

Highlights of the week:
  • My daughter brought home her first trimester report card on Thursday.  At her grade level (Kindergarten) the school grades on a numbering system: 1 through 4.  She received mostly 3s and 4s, along with some nice comments from her teacher. P and I read the report card together and started laughing simultaneously when we got to the two 2s we spotted: "Listens when others are talking" and "uses time productively."  Mrs. L has her number, alright.
  • On Tuesday, I went to my third yoga class.  This session seemed more challenging than the last two, or it could just be that I am falling apart.  My hips quickly put the kibosh on a couple of moves I was asked to do. Mostly I just muddle through until we get to Shivasna, which is where you make like a corpse, flat on your back, and think about nothing. Me like.
  • On Thursday, I had my foster pup neutered.  Because, you know, I like to ruin a young man's week for no reason.  Honestly, though, he never even seemed to notice that his wee little nuggets were gone.
  • On Friday, Gretchen and I attended our final Rally class of the year.  We had two run-throughs.  The first one was atrocious.  She acted like I'd just met her THAT DAY. The second one was much better, but still left me thinking that we should probably just hang up her training leash. Maybe I'll have better luck finding a dog who gives a rip next time around. I should probably look for another breed, though.
  • On Saturday, we cut down a lovely pine tree (at a tree farm, totally authorized), installed it in the living room, and decorated the bejeebers out of it.  You should have seen the puppy's face . . . "Whaaaa?"  He seemed incredulous that we brought an outside thing inside, when we are always telling him that just about everything that comes out of him belongs outside.  
  • On Sunday, I took the kid to see "Tangled," which was very good. These 3D movies are killin' me, though.  Two tickets plus popcorn and two drinks = $34.50.  What on earth do big families do?  Suck it up or just not go?  
Here are a few photos from our trip to Oklahoma (and believe me when I say that even though we've been back for a week, I can still scarcely stand to look at my car).

My nephew, having a tantrum. Adorable, no?

Me and my wee baby sister.

A and her Meemaw playing "Pretty Pretty Princess"
My other nephew, who actually is a Pretty Pretty Princess

My kid, squeezing the soul out of a barn kitty


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