What are your intentions, young man?

I picked out my future son-in-law a couple years ago.  He's an adorable blond-haired, brown-eyed boy from our church. So, not only is he the same religion (and very bright), he's also a vegetarian - perfect!  And he and A get along great.  When I announced the match, the adorable boy's dad started talking about how he wants a dowry (including livestock), but I figured we'd work it out later.  Much to my chagrin, though, the family is now being relocated to Canada.  After the recent election results, I'm tempted to move to Canada myself. But in any case, it's clear to me that the distance is too great and that I'll have to start from scratch when it comes to choosing my son-in-law.

In recent weeks my daughter has begun waxing poetic about a boy named Tyler.  Tyler is in her Kindergarten class at school.  She drew a picture of the two of them together.  Holding hands.  There is a flower between them, which she assures me is a "flower of friendship." 

Her dad and I are a little bit concerned.  Maybe we need to get some additional information about this young rapscallion.  Find out what his intentions are.  I keep picturing P sitting on our front porch, sharpening his old Marine Corps sword as the wee beau approaches up the front walk.

I was combing the kid's hair after her bath last night.  "I need to know more about this Tyler character," I told her.  "For example, what are his employment prospects?  Does he have a job?" 

Her face brightened.  "We both have the same job!" she exclaimed.  "I pass out the napkins and Tyler passes out the snacks!"

At least he's got some domestic skills, I guess.


Rachel said…
Love his MoHawk and check out the size of those feet...

Just messing with you- that's one of the things I loved about being room mom when the boys were younger, meeting the latest crush. Joshua is torn between to women now H. - is tall, blond, & bossy P.- is petite brunette and super smart. I like them both.
Zenseeker said…
What?! Tyler? We're not even gone yet!
Cassi said…
And to think my nephew is perfect for her then we can be related and I'll forever have a friend!! And I could always hear her infectious giggle.
Beth said…
I have a son who's available.......(and he's cute!)

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