Date Night, Poop, the Plague

I haven't published a blog post in a few days because, well, I caught the plague.  I guess I can't complain in as much as it was only the second cold I've endured all year.  When A was a baby we were sick at least once a month. However, it's true what they say about daycare because now she has an immune system of steel and we're seldom ill.  I lost my voice completely on Sunday and Monday.  By Tuesday, I felt guilty not answering the phone at work so I finally gave in and took a call from a client.  I knew how to fix his technical issue (with his website) and explained the solution to him as succinctly as possible.  I heard a moment of silence from the other end and then finally, "Ma'am? I'm really sorry but I just can't understand anything you're saying."  I tried to convince myself that my voice sounded sexy but I'm sure I sounded more like some raspy prank caller.

In addition to nursing a cold, I've been busy picking up puppy poop off the carpet. A wrote "Den is a pape" on a sheet of paper the other day. She translated it for us: "Dean is a puppy."  However, we've found that it is indeed more fun to call him "that little pape." Sometimes with a couple of expletives thrown in. Anyway, that little pape is nowhere close to housebroken.  As soon as he is neutered and has had his rabies vaccination, my plan is to adopt him out to some unsuspecting family ASAP. If they're lucky, they've got hardwood floors.

I was feeling better by the time this weekend rolled around, so I made plans to have a date night with my other half.  A few days ago I was talking to a couple of co-workers, one of whom is divorced.  He said something like, "Once the kids are grown and you don't have the kids' activities anymore, you grow apart and just don't have as much in common."  My solution to this is, of course, not to allow your children to participate in activities. Honestly, I'm only half-joking.  My rule of thumb with my daughter is that she can participate in an activity, but only one at a time.  I am not sure how I'd handle it if I had multiple children - maybe I would require them to stagger their stuff throughout the year.  A takes swim lessons. She wants to take gymnastics next.  I'm fine with that, but she can't take both at once.

I hope this doesn't make me sound like a selfish mom.  I think my blog alone is evidence that I'm utterly devoted to my child.  I'd throw myself in front of a bus for her (the list of people for whom I'd lay down my life is pretty short - in fact I think it's pretty much just her).  But that doesn't mean I don't still get to be a wholly separate person with interests unrelated to my child. I still get to be me.  And since my husband liked me before the short one came along, I'd like to believe he'll like me once she's off doing keg stands studying very hard at college. So, to that end, we have occasional date nights.

Earlier in the week I'd purchased a coupon via Living Social (similar to Groupon, I guess).  For $17.00 I got a winery package, which included: seven tastings, cheese and crackers, two full glasses of a wine of our choice, and two soiree glasses to take home.  We had a lot of fun.  (Side note to Steph K: please note that I did try the blue cheese from the cheese tray, but can confidently report that blue cheese is still like dung to me.)   After the winery, we headed to dinner.  And, because I'm cheap, I also had a coupon for the restaurant (an Entertainment Book coupon - buy one entree, get one free).  Let it not be said that I am not frugal.

When we got home, the puppy had pooped on the floor (we really should have paid the sitter extra or something) and a bag of dog treats had mysteriously turned up shredded (and empty). The kid was still awake and wired.  But, I had wisely purchased a bottle of wine at the winery.

Dean, Dean, the Pooping Machine


Steph K said…
While I'm proud of you for giving the blue cheese another shot, I will not give up hope that one day, you will dedicate a blog post to the gloriousness that is blue cheese.
radioactivegan said…
How could you be mad at a pape with a face like that? Your date night sounds like a lot of fun!
Gixxerchic said…
We adopted Addysen a couple months ago from someone. She is now 7 months old. We are STILL working on the potty training. It's been getting better, but not completely potty trained. Oh, I can NOT wait until that happens. Having to run home on my lunch break to let her out, is kinda getting old.

Anyways, have a great trip!

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