Five hunnerd

Blog entry #500!  I should probably commemorate this auspicious occasion in some celebratory way, but I just attended a wine festival yesterday and my liver has asked me to take 'er easy this week. 

I attended the wine festival with one of my fellow rescue volunteers.  We worked our arses off at a huge fundraiser on Saturday, so we felt justified in raising a little hell on Sunday.  There was a fine art fair held in the same park.  I bought a $10 ring.  All it took was one glass of vino and my friend was sporting a $75 necklace.  She cleared the purchase with her husband, but apparently she is gonna have to put out pretty regularly for the next month or so.  We had a lot of fun, though.  There was a grape stomp and we voted for a shirtless young guy.  He really worked for it, stomping the grapes like a pro and catering to the mostly female crowd.  Later, we actually discussed the possibility of following him into a port-a-potty and asking if we could lick his biceps.  Like I said, we'd had a few and these were generously poured glasses, people.  We also walked down a nearby boardwalk and met a sixteen-year-old dog with green teeth.  The sweet, bony old thing just melted our drunken little hearts.  Anyway, it was a good day.  At this point we're not sure if our husbands are going to support future play dates, however.

The fundraiser on Saturday was a lot of work but it paid off - we raised a good chunk of change for the dogs.  We were in a new location, so we have a few kinks to work out for next year, but everyone worked hard and got the job done. There were a lot of vendors there, so I bought a few things when I wasn't running around like a crazy person.  I also won a Patagonia jacket in the silent auction. P and I were working, so I kept pawning our child off on various friends and acquaintances.  A friend of mine is heavily involved in reptile rescue, and she brought a ball python for my serpent-loving kid to hold.  All day long, people were coming up to me and asking if I was aware that my child had a snake wrapped around her.  Each time I would just nod and say, "Yes, my friend brought the snake specifically for that reason." 

That's all the news for now.  I know I've been behind on posting, but the pre-fundraiser activities kept me fully occupied last week.  Thanks for hanging in and waiting for #500.  And thank you for reading my blog - I appreciate the love.  Feel free to raise a glass in my honor, but please do it quietly.


Steph K said…
Congratulations on the big 5-0-0!

I will not comment on your drunken friend, but that picture of A is awesome!
Melissa said…
Congrats on the big 500! I love reading your posts! They crack me up :0)
Cindy and the bullies baby said…
Ohh the best was A chasing down a grown adult male who was afraid of the snake. He literally was running from the child.

She amused me beyond belief. "What do you mean you are afraid of snake (A kisses snake) Jesse is really nice and I am 5 and not afraid of snakes. Why?" Of course at this point people would simply stare at her dumbfounded.

I am glad I have preshow snake bathing protocol for how much that child kissed the snake. ;)

I love it when kids are smart enough to hold a conversation with adults. She picked up really fast on basic info for the snake. My only time of nervousness was when she started pointing out the whole taking off the tights thing. I flashed back to your vax story and her showing everyone her bandage. Wasnt quite sure what I was gonna do if she started showing some leg.

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