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There's skinny and then there's skeletal

The week simultaneously flew by and dragged on at an excruciating pace. I had every intention of posting a blog entry earlier in the week but as my mother always said, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." It's a good thing I don't believe in hell, eh?

So to bring you up to speed . . . this week I've been fretting away about my new foster dog, Tucker. He was in my house for less than 24 hours before I had to hospitalize him. He has severe colitis of some type and has not had a solid poop since the day of his birth (he's 18 months old). I can deal with some diarrhea; it's the blood I'm less fond of. Tucker is very, very thin (because, as you can imagine, everything just passes through him and it's hard to absorb nutrients that way). I was less worried about my carpet than I was about his health, of course. I just want him to get well so that I can find him a forever home. My veterinarian has been trying various treatments, including a triple-course of antibiotics and a grain-free diet. She started him on a food comprised of . . . rabbit. I'm not even going to try to explain this one to my daughter. I can hear it now: "Tucker eats the Easter Bunny?"

My other challenge this week was to gather some songs, videos, and photos and send them to my friend Rachel. She is putting together a 5th birthday montage for my daughter's upcoming birthday. Although I'm handy with a computer in general (after working in web and software development for the past 14 years), the art of video editing continues to elude me. So, I conned Rachel into doing it for me. We've been friends since 1981, so I'm trying to keep my favor requests to one per decade. It took me a while to pull everything together, because I have more than one photo per day for every day my child has been alive. If that's not obnoxious, I don't know what is. I've never been one to videotape full events, but I have lots of little snippets taken here and there. We'll see if Rachel is still speaking to me after this.

The only other noteworthy event from this year (and "noteworthy" is stretching it a bit) was that I got A's hair cut. I was no longer able to get a comb through those Medusa curls, so I had a few inches cut off. As much as I absolutely adore her hair, I will be happy when the day comes that I can turn over the whole maintenance job to her. And I certainly hope that day comes sometime before she leaves for college.

In other news, Nerdy McNerdikins is going to a comic book convention out of town tomorrow so I'll have the kid for the day. I signed her up for an Easter egg hunt and whatnot. We'll also dye eggs at home. Perhaps this will be the year she finally figures out why, when you're done dyeing an egg, it's a bad idea to throw it full-force into the bowl with all the other eggs.


Cassi said…
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Cassi said…
oor Tucker, I saw him over the fence the other day and he is skinny but he's got a cute face and how can you not love a dog with a tail that wags nonstop. I hope this new diet works for him and he can put some weight on. I'll have to catch a look at A's new hairdo.....then again she'd be cute even if you shaved her head!!
Have a Happy Easter!!
Anonymous said…
Tucker looks just like Edie did back when. Grain free has been the only thing that works for her. Raw is a pain and expensive, but there are ways to be creative. Edie has gained a total of 24 lbs since being on raw. She looks like a real boxer now.

I hope you find what works for Tucker, they are so much happier when they feel good.

Leslie Miron
Anonymous said…
OMG I so want him!!! He'd fit in great around here with our other boxers (and they are all rescues)... especially with the food issues. We're a grain free, Timerwolf loving household :)

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