Get my what out of my what?

When I picked up my adorable little cherub from school on Thursday, she was very anxious to share some information with me. So anxious, in fact, that she felt the need to impart this information immediately, in the school's parking lot.

She shed her backpack and then stood on the asphalt, with her feet spread fairly far apart. "Mama," she started, "When your underwear gets stuck in your gyna, you should do this!"

She then proceeded to jump up and down, moving her legs in and out in a modified jumping jack (no involvement from the arms was needed, apparently).

I looked around to see how many parents were still on the premises. "Okay, thanks, I'll keep that in mind," I murmured to my daughter, and then hoisted her into the open van.

So there you have it. In turn, I am passing this tidbit to you, just in case you ever find yourself with your drawers hopelessly entangled in your nether region. No, no need to thank me.


Susie said…
Oh. my. goodness. I swear A and Matthew are related by brainwave. Totally something he would say, minus the gyna of course! Where, pray tell, did she come up with that? These kids are just hoots, aren't they!
Steph K said…
That is beyond awesome!

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