Danser? Ou non?

Dance: by the people, for the people

Some of A's classmates are taking dance lessons and now she wants to take dance classes as well. She spins in the kitchen and does ballet (and I use the term loosely) moves that she learned from her friend Carly at school. She assures me these steps are totally legit. A spreads her feet wide apart and then brings them together, spins in a circle, and says, "Bar-shay! Far-shay!" Yeah, Carly's mom is getting her money's worth, too.

As you may recall, we tried this dance class business once before and it didn't go terribly well. The instructor said my daughter didn't listen and as far as I can recall, the kid retained nothing from the session. After paying for classes and buying tap shoes, ballet shoes, leotards, tights, and so forth, I was not too happy about the outcome. It seemed she just wanted to look like a dancer, not be a dancer. Since then, we've stuck with swim classes at the Y because she enjoys them, is doing well with her swimming, and as an added bonus: all I have to buy is a swimsuit.

She is two years older now, so maybe we'd have a better shot at her listening to the instructor. I have to admit I am tempted. There is just something about a little girl in a leotard and tap shoes.

What say ye, fair reader? Try dance classes again or stick with swimming? Danser ou non? Je suis une sucker or non?


I have one dancer and one who loves the idea of it but will stand firmly by my side (not clinging, just shrugging her shoulders and saying no), even though the teacher allows her older sister to do the class with her. They both want to do ice skating now, too, but when I read that helmets were option for skating lessons, I remembered an accident on the ice I once saw and thought...naaaah. We'll skip viewing "The Ice Princess" the next time it comes on...

Does your Y or another local one have dance classes (did you have her in classes at the Y originally)? That's where we do our lessons and I'm only out about $30 bucks when it goes south. Maybe you could talk to the instructor to see what she says about readiness.
aliciajill said…
B is in ballet and from what I have seen the key is a good instructor. Not a high school dancer who is making a few bucks for teaching a bunch of pipsqueaks, but someone who is good at working with children and knows how to keep their attention. I would give it another shot, but maybe see if the studio would let you borrow shoes (ours does) for a lesson or two before making an investment. The leotard will always be used for dress up and play if dance doesnt work out, but shoes can get spendy. Two years makes a big difference in their abilities and their attention spans.
I say go for it. These times only come once in a lifetime and go by way to fast not to try it all. :) (Even if it's for the second time)
Mary said…
Heck ya, she needs to go!! I enjoyed every bit of tap dancing and acrobats, and loved being in the shows!! You might never know any of the above from looking at me now....;) But hey, at the time it was fun, I think being that much older may make a huge difference. I don't know if they offer acrobats anymore but all you needed was a black leotard and those softie shoes. This brings back memories... I don't know where my mom purchased them all from but we had costumes galore from shows (maybe she bought other peoples used ones although she was quite the sewer!) and played with them all the time. Maybe you could speak to your mother about a making something... but I bet they have to have a certain one eh?? Hmm.... I know De Pere rec offers a lot of things to do cheap too, have brought Luke to a few things but not so sure about the dance classes. Good luck!!;)
Steph K said…
Chloe didn't like dance class. She liked the tumbling they did at the end of class and tolerated the first 45 minutes until the tumbling started. We went with gymnastics instead.

Good Luck!

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