What the hell, people

I like to keep my blog nice and random, so I don't discuss current events too much. I mean, I could beat healthcare reform and the economy to death, but I suspect such things will die just fine without my involvement. I also passed up most opportunities to comment on the Michael Vick saga, which flared up again recently when he was released from the Big House (don't you love prison synonyms? The pokey, the clink, the slammer . . . ). If I was grateful to him for anything, though, it was that his conviction served as an example to other animal abusers. I don't think Michael Vick is at all sorry for what he did; I think he's sorry he got caught. Slowly but surely, though, the law is catching up with (and prosecuting) those who harm the voiceless.

Did you catch the recent story about the young Petland* employee who drowned two rabbits in the back room? She posted a photo of herself on Facebook clutching two wet, dead Peter Cottontails. I thought kids today were using Facebook to talk about their genitalia and to chronicle their alcohol consumption through lurid photographs, not to boast about animal abuse. I suppose the good news is that the general public was mostly appalled when this story broke. You don't have to be an animal lover to know that drowning a living creature is simply beyond the pale. If she doesn't receive jail (lockup, brig, up the river) time, I'll be very surprised and disappointed. I'll bet her parents are swelling with pride right about now.

As a rescue volunteer, I don't see a lot of blatant animal abuse. A lot of general neglect, failure to provide veterinary care . . . that sort of thing. If you've ever been afraid of volunteering for a shelter or rescue because you don't think your heart can take it, fret not. You will seldom be exposed to outright atrocities. The animals are fine, in fact - it's dealing with the kind without fur that can be challenging at times. If nothing else, a stint in rescue or shelter work will arm you with stories to tell for the rest of your life. We have two young Boxers in our rescue right now who are heartworm positive. We are in the process of treating them. As part of the diagnosis process, veterinarians generally run a set of chest x-rays to get an idea of how bad the infestation in the heart is. When the x-rays on these two dogs came back, it turned out that one of them had been SHOT in the past. Literally! Pellets in his chest and everything. Just when you think you've heard everything, eh?

My fellow rescue volunteers and I would go insane if not for alcohol the nice people who adopt the hard luck cases and the sweet seniors. And for nice people in general. Today I got an email from a former adopter who is donating 300 can coolers with our logo on them to the rescue so that we can sell them and make a profit. People send us checks out of the blue, wanting nothing in return. With an average of $300 in vet care needed for each dog, we'd have gone belly up a long time ago if not for the kind of generosity we see every day.

My Gideon - the worst abuse he endures is when dinner is five minutes late.

*I am surprised that people still frequent (and purchase from) places like Petland. How many anecdotal tales does it take, mes amis? Sick animals, puppy mill pups (and Petland does buy from puppy mills, no matter what they say), and a no-return policy to ensure you are stuck with your sick dog until your bank account is fully drained. Our rescue has taken in several dogs originally purchased from Petland. The dogs are sometimes poorly bred and are ALWAYS from puppy mills. If you purchase a purebred dog from a reputable breeder and then need to return the dog later for some reason, the breeder will always take the dog back. If you try to return a dog to Petland, they'll point to your contract and then advise you not to let the door hit you on your way out. If your carpet is yearning for urine and you want a puppy, please buy one from a reputable breeder. We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcasting.


Khudson33 said…
Thank You :) For all you do for our four legged friends! We've got a boxer baby & donate whenever we can to GABR (My wish is to have a big enough home to be a foster in the Upper Peninsula!! SOMEDAY!!) Thank you! Thank you and THANK YOU! P.S. I've got a big loooovey soft spot for both of those boys you just took in!
How sick! Poor rabbits! What the hell is wrong with people!?
Jen said…
Well said. I even feel guilty the moments we stop in the mall to even LOOK at the dogs in the window. (to appease the little ones who can't pass buy a furry creature without saying hello) I'm also shocked at how many people buy their pets from places like that.
Steph K said…
Well written.
Audreee said…
Stop serving Gideon his dinner late! Unless you want me to call PETA.
Laurie Green said…
Three cheers for Boxer Rescue and rescued dogs! They're both #1 in my book.

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