More "Things I Said I'd Never Do"

My list of "oh, I'd never do that" edicts is growing ever shorter, mostly because I've now done (or am planning to do) just about everything on it. Everything except stuff like "shooting heroin" and "wearing a thong" - those items are still safe. I bought a mini-van, so I had to take that one off. This item used to be on the list: "I would never use a harness on my child." Technically it is still on the list but is slated to come off by the end of the year, I suspect. And here's why: I've got a runner on my hands. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I used to look at "those" parents and think, geez, can't they control their child without putting him on a leash?

A's latest thing is breaking away from me on walks and running up to strangers' houses. I think she knows that I find it embarrassing to pull her off the doorstep of some oogy neighbor's house, while the oogy neighbor watches the whole scene through the window.

If you've ever had a runner, you know that there is not much you can do about it. Ignoring it doesn't work. If you let your kid run and pretend you aren't upset by it . . . well, you don't even want to think about what can happen. If you run after said kid, said kid thinks it's hilarious and will do it again on subsequent outings. Time-outs don't seem to work for this problem either. Threats of a spanking don't work (we don't spank our daughter - we only threaten it, and she knows it, unfortunately). I've also tried telling her that if she runs away she might get hit by a car and then she would get a big owie. Then she says, "Get a big owie on my heinie!" (I know, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me either.) It's not that big a deal if she runs off on walks but she also runs off at the doctor's office, in the mall, at restaurants . . . you get the idea.

In November I am taking the short one to Virginia. Just the two of us. This means lugging bags through crowded airports. This means tantrums. This means running any chance she gets. I am seriously concerned about her safety.

So, I am thinking of buying one of these Eddie Bauer Harness Buddies:

This seems a little better than the old kind that resemble a harness (not unlike the type I use for my dogs) and leash. This way, she's just wearing a little backpack and the strap goes around my wrist. I am hoping it will not damage her little psyche in some way. I am trying to justify this any way I can - just play along, okay?

If this doesn't work, there's always hog-tying.

Edited to add: My other half thinks buying a harness is the worst idea ever because, and I quote: "she should just listen." Uh-huh. Because two-year-olds are good at that. I should also add that he may not fully understand the challenge I am facing because HE HAS NEVER TAKEN HER ANYWHERE BY HIMSELF. 'Nuff said.


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