Thursday, January 21, 2016

If there's worse news a person could receive, I just don't know what that would be

I went to see my podiatrist today. I've been battling pain in my feet since Octoberish. After talking with a yoga instructor, I came to realize that the pain was caused by plantar fasciitis. I then made the mistake of seeking guidance from the interwebs. Plantar fasciitis is so common that virtually everyone has had it at some point. And all God's children have advice for ya. I have been trying a bunch of different things (downward dog seems to help because it stretches the feet) but I couldn't be sure what might be helping and what might be making things worse.

Dr. D took x-rays and confirmed the diagnosis. He threw in some bone spurs for extra fun.

Here is where things took an ugly turn.  He said this: "I want you to get some Crocs." Lord. Have. Mercy.

Talk about karma. Do you know how gleefully, how relentlessly, I have mocked Crocs?

He clarified that he wants me to buy the Croc slides, like these:

They would mostly be for wearing around the house. Apparently they have some sort of arch support and since my arches have gone off duty, I need that sort of thing. When I went back to the office after my appointment, I mentioned my predicament to a couple of co-workers.

Craig said, "I can't ever speak to you again."

Ryan said, "I would rather have my feet cut off than to wear Crocs."

Other co-workers looked at me sadly and passed along their heartfelt condolences. 

So, yeah. I haven't ordered the buggers yet. I need a little more time for this to sink in. In the mean time, Dr. D. recommended an over-the-counter orthotic that I can try (I purchased a pair and have been using them, but he has a recommendation that maywork better). He wants me to check with my insurance to see if custom orthotics are covered. He also started me on Meloxicam (an anti-inflammatory).  And finally, he gave me some exercises to do (some of which I was already doing on my own). Before I left, he had an assistant wrap my feet to give arch support. I'm wondering if I can try to do this on my own because the pain has diminished considerably just from the wrapping.

I have to go back in two weeks to see how things are going. It sounds like my career as a marathoner is out the window. And I guess my days of wearing cute shoes are over, too. Man, this bites.

Let me know if you need my address so you can send me a sympathy card.

Even Gretchen said she won't be seen with me anymore if I buy Crocs.


The Lovely One said...

hahahaha! I totally agree with you. Crocs are NOT ok.

Beth said...

I ended up with plantar fasciitis surgery. I live in Birkenstocks. They're also ugly (and expensive!) but they really do help. I actually find them better for pain than Crocs, which I wear as well.

Good luck!