Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Labor of love and all that jazz

I sent my husband and daughter to a movie this evening so that I could finish painting, wrapping, and assembling. I've been hiding out (and painting) in Geeky McNerdikins comic book room, so ignore the junk in the background. Here is a photo of the sewing table (formerly red and white) and the dress form my daughter requested:

The table has a leaf on each side so it's been a challenge to paint the table without letting the hinge get stuck in one position (with each leaf up or down). I think it came out okay. It has a little drawer on one side.  If I had more time (and some, you know, skills), I'd add a design or something to the top.

As if to seal the Christmas deal, the kid handed me a card before dinner today. It has a hand-drawn snowman on the front and says this on the inside:

"Dear, Mom. I love you so much! You make me smile. I am giving this card to you because I love you. Remember the time when I said I love you most but then you overtook me with I love you mostest. Or when you and dad hugged and I acted sad so you gave me one to. I love you the most any other person can love you in the world. XOXOXO"

Man, is that kid good or what? 

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matt said...

Comic book room? Your house is the coolest. You never mentioned the comic book room before!