Friday, August 1, 2014

Hip hop and you don't stop

I said a hip hop,
Hippie to the hippie,
The hip, hip a hop, and you don't stop, a rock it
To the bang bang boogie, say, up jump the boogie,
To the rhythm of the boogie, the beat.

As you may recall, Irish Dance week at camp was followed by Hip Hop Dance week.  There was no shoe-related drama this time around, because the kid borrowed the same ballet slippers (as last week) from her instructor. All I had to do was to make sure she was wearing black shorts and either a white or pink top.

The other day, the kid announced that she needed to practice.

"Mom, do you have any Christian hip hop?"

"Of course. My iPod is CHOCK FULL of Christian hip hop," I replied.



I have no problem whatsoever with Christian hip hop but seeing as how I just now learned that this is even a thing, there was little chance of me supplying the genre in question.  She had to make do with the music in her head, I guess. 

I drove over to watch the performance at lunchtime today. The five and six-year-old kids went first. They were in a fairytale camp. It was pretty cute. They wore princess dresses and sang "Let it Go," which was awesome because it had been at least five or ten minutes since I'd heard that song. Then the kids who were in sports camp took the stage to talk about the sports they had played this week, though they were hard-pressed to recall exactly which sports had been on the docket. Next, a group of kids who were in a "battle of the bands" camp presented what they had learned. They made their own instruments and whatnot.  Finally, it was time for hip hop dance.

My daughter and her fellow dancers sprang to the stage and did their thing. It was as adorable as one would imagine. I can't say that my girl is a natural-born hip hop dancer, but she danced her little heart out.

Word to your mother.

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