Friday, May 24, 2013

16 years ago

16 years ago today, I married this guy:

(The curly-haired girl showed up a lot later.)

We've been together 21 years. During our many years together, he:
  • Has watched me lose and gain hundreds of pounds. Wisely, he says nary a word about my weight. 
  • Tells me "you look nice today" twice a year like clockwork. He doesn't want me getting too cocky - you know how it is.
  • Lets me listen to my music as loud as I want.
  • Never complains about my cooking, even that one time during the early years when I attempted that one recipe that resulted in grey potatoes.
  • Has busted me repeatedly for my failure to refill the ice cube trays. But, you see . . . he's so good at it!
  • Has proven to be a wonderful, wonderful father. 
  • Has proven to be a terrible homeowner. I almost think a random stranger at the grocery store would be more alarmed about the condition of our lawn (and everything else inside and outside our home) than my husband is.
  • Has gone completely grey but maintains that he has some brown hairs left in there somewhere. Okay, Sweetie! To me he is still the handsome 20-year-old Marine I met all those years ago.
  • Has let his nerd flag fly. He reads comic books and doesn't care who knows it. 
  • Refuses to argue with me no matter how hard I try to pick a fight with him. 
  • Has proven that he doesn't know where we keep anything and doesn't absorb much of what I say, but still somehow knows all my favorite things. 
  • Always kisses me good-night. 
Happy Anniversary to my one and only! 


Sarah said...

That's adorable Claudia! Happy Anniversary!!!!

The Lovely One said...

So sweet! my husband is a grey haired nerd too, but I love him!