Thursday, July 26, 2012

Game of Thrones

My husband and I finally found something we can do together: watching "Game of Thrones."  We are currently working our way through Season 1 via Netflix.  There are a lot of beheadings and gratuitous sex, so we have to make sure Short Stuff is asleep when we watch it. In one episode, even a horse is beheaded. I'm sort of wondering how many of the characters will still have heads at the end of the series.

P and I don't watch a lot of TV together. I have my shows and he has his (I swear that he only pretends to be reading comics while I watch "Dance Moms," though - I've seen him sneaking a peek and then shaking his head like he is disgusted. Ten bucks says he can name every mom on the show.)  We aren't really united in music either, now that I think about it. We have a few interests in common but sometimes I'd swear we are from different planets. [whispering] He's a Republican, you know.

I think one reason he doesn't like to watch TV with me is that I ask a lot of questions, as if he got there before I did or perhaps possesses some secret filing cabinet in his brain that somehow stores facts about shows we haven't watched yet. Five minutes in, I am asking stuff like, "Wait? Who is that?  That's her brother? Who was that other guy then?" I'm pretty sure he finds it maddening. 

So, I have done my best to pay careful attention to "Game of Thrones."  And let me tell you, there are tons of different characters in each episode and it is a challenge to keep track. Sometimes I visit HBO's website and read the synopsis for the most recent episode I've watched, just to make sure I "got" it. Anyway, we're really enjoying the series. I can see why it cost a gazillion dollars to make.

Now, if you have watched the first two seasons, don't tell me if Khal Drogo dies. Even if he does, he will live on in my memory because he is deeeeelicious. As I understand it, he gets it on with Lisa Bonet in real life. I realize this diminishes my chances somewhat.

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