Monday, August 2, 2010

Just 670 days until we leave for Disney!

The photo above has nothing to do with anything - I just happen to think my wee boss looks really cute in this shot and thought I should obligate you to look at it. 

I have never been to Disney World.  There, I said it.  P and I have talked about taking the kid.  We typically host a party every other year for her birthday, so that is what will happen on her next (sixth) birthday. We developed a loose plan to take her to Disney for her seventh.  We knew we didn't want to take her when she was really little, because she wouldn't remember it (we took her to Texas when she was two, and all she could recall from the trip was that she'd had eggs for breakfast one day).  We decided that seven would be a good age. Immediately, we were full of questions such as: who will get on the rides with our daughter, since P and I both received "no more rides for you" memos from our respective stomachs.  My friend Karen says that it's not the stomach but rather the inner ear that dictates this sort of thing.  All we know is that we can't ride anything that spins. You may recall my unfortunate encounter with the Tilt-a-Whirl two summers ago. Sometimes I get a little queasy just swinging on the swings when I take A to our neighborhood park. 

Our other questions about Disney World were mostly related to where to stay, where to eat, what attractions to focus on, etc.  I figured I'd start doing research next year.  However, we visited some out-of-state friends last weekend and hatched a plan that the eight of us will have a joint vacation trip to Orlando in 2012.  They have three kids so . . . voila, ride problem solved.  They have also been to Disney World several times so they can show us the what/when/where ropes.  Best of all, they own a timeshare and we can stay with them at a very decent rate.  Woot! 

2012 feels like a long time from now, but I guess the good news is that we have two years to save up for $15 french fries and whatnot.

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