I am nothing if not colorful

The kid is going through some sort of artistic phase lately.  Normally, she does churn out a lot of art, but she never really sits down for any length of time to color. My six-year-old nephew is an Olympic-level colorer who can do it for hours. A lot of times A hands me a sheet of construction paper with three lines on it and that's about it.  Lately, though, a lot of color is coming out of the bedroom at the end of the hall. 

The image above was created yesterday.  Click on it for a larger version if you'd like. That's her dad on the left.  The one with the marsupial ears.  P says he always looks like a Sleestak in the pictures in which he appears. He was happy to note the sunshine aura around him, though.

That's me in the middle.  Now, is it my imagination or am I getting down?  I mean, I am leaning into the beat and my purple clogs are about to start tapping big time. I don't have a sunshine aura, but with a rainbow over my head and one under my purple clogs, how can I go wrong? (I should note that I do not own purple shoes in any incarnation).

That's the kid on the right.  The patchwork skirt might be a little bit retro, but one can pull off any look as long as purple clogs are involved.

I always wonder what a child psychologist would make of a drawing like this.  I think it shows that we're happy.  I think it may also illustrate that her father is a less than imposing authority figure, in as much as she depicts herself as being the same height as him.  This picture might also make one wonder if daily life at our house isn't one big methamphetamine-fueled rave.


Selena said…
Upon further inspection, it looks like A originally made your legs shorter (I can see small feet under your dress, excuse me for looking!), and then extended your legs down to reach the rainbow. So you would have been the same size as Father, and shorter than her. The plot thickens...! Oh, and cute drawing! :)

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