On Tuesday evening, the technician from Time Warner Cable came to our home (I'm surprised he didn't meet his maker on our driveway - the Ice Capades have been performed on smaller sheets of ice) to fix our DVR. Actually, he did not attempt to fix it at all. He simply swapped our box for another one. They must wipe the hard drives and then continually redistribute them around town, because I noticed a few dings on the last one.

When he arrived, my daughter was finishing up her dinner. I couldn't help but notice how her eyes lit up when she realized there was a stranger/victim in our home. "I'm done!" she announced excitedly. I scraped off her face and hands with a baby wipe (at what age do you have to stop buying those? Cuz I am planning to keep them in stock until she leaves for college) and excused her from the table. She had been playing dress-up, so she skipped into the living room wearing one of her sparkly princess gowns.

"Do you want to see my room?" she asked the cable man. He smiled politely. P and I ushered her out of the living room, explaining to her that the man was trying to do his job. She went to her room and came back with two cups and saucers from her new tea set.

"Guess what?" she asked him. "There are balls under these cups." She received some Silly Putty-type stuff in her stocking and has developed her own version of the old ball and cup game.

Again, we herded her back to her bedroom and suggested that she just play there for a few minutes. I set about clearing the table while P wandered aimlessly around the kitchen. Just then, A came streaking through wearing only her Minnie Mouse panties. We caught her just as she was rounding the corner and headed into the living room. We sent her back to her room, and then repeated the scenario twice more.

I thought modesty was one of those naturally ingrained sort of things, but I guess not. She could not think of any reason on earth not to hang out with the cable man in her undies.

I guess we'll be having the "stranger" talk soon, but I honestly think she is one of those "there are no strangers - just friends you haven't met yet" types of people. The teenage years should be . . . interesting.


Jen J said…
Nope. Not naturally ingrained. My cousin went through a stage around the age of 2 or 3 when she wouldn't keep a stitch of clothing on. Including one day in the middle of church at Easter services. And because my aunt & uncle had small childern they arrived late so they were in THE FRONT ROW!!! Said cousin had stripped her Easter dress off, threw it at the Altar and was dancing in the front of the church in just her tights. YUP. My aunt was mortified!

We now remind that cousin of that whenever we can!

What a great story!
Anonymous said…
You are in SOOO MUCH TROUBLE!!! I am laughing my ass off here! Can you say, "Girls Gone Wild!" She is definitely going to have some interesting stories to tell when she grows up.

A bunch of neighbors were cooking out together one Saturday when Chris was around five. It was sunset and the kids all wanted to take one last ride around the block on their bikes.

So we grown ups thought we would use it as a bribe to speed up bath time- we wanted to sit with our margaritas while the kids all watched a movie in our house- so we told them they could all ride around the block two more times if they hurried and took their showers and put on pjs.

Well every kid in the neighborhood was showered pj'ed and back out on their bikes in five minutes flat. Here comes my son, out of the garage on his bike butt naked. He still swears to this day I said nothing about pj's.

Wait until the comparative anatomy starts!

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