A Visit with My People

I must chronicle every moment of my vacation or it didn't happen! After settling in at my sister's house on Sunday, we made plans to go to Great Falls National Park on Monday the 27th. We were meeting a friend of mine and her kids (my sister and her kids came, too). I really enjoyed the beautiful, leafy drive to Great Falls.  We took a picnic lunch along. After lunch, we checked out the falls and walked on a path through the woods. We spotted a deer (a doe, a deer, a female deer, ray, a drop of golden suuuuuun) nursing her baby - it was the sweetest thing ever. They were pretty well hidden in the foliage but we could just see the spots on the little fawn. The mama was looking at us as if to say, "You mofo's better stay on that trail where you belong." Moments later, they were gone. We probably would have done more hiking/walking, but it was hot and the kids were complaining pretty loudly. So, we called it a day.  That evening, we went to see Finding Dory (in air-conditioned comfort). It was a cute movie. My brother-in-law bought popcorn for me kid, so I probably owe him $79 now.

On Tuesday, we visited my grandma and stad in the morning. My grandmother has had some medical challenges lately so I was really happy to see her looking and feeling okay.

In the afternoon, we headed to Kings Dominion (or, as my middle sister called it when she was a kid, Kings-a-Million). The traffic getting there was not fun at all. However, when we finally arrived at the gate, we were rewarded with almost non-existent crowds. I have been to Kings Dominion many times in my life and this was the first time I was able to hop on any ride with scarcely any line at all. We had a wide range of ages/heights in our group, but everyone got to ride what they wanted to ride. My niece wanted someone to go on The Volcano roller coaster with her. I wanted to bank some Awesome Aunt points so I willingly climbed aboard (that way, if I disappoint her in some way in the future, she'll remember what I endured for her). I felt a little off for the rest of the night, but I got those points, yo!  We basically stayed until the park closed for the night at 10 p.m. My daughter and my older nephew wanted to ride the White Water Canyon before we left. So, they did. We warned them that they would be soaking wet and would freeze all the way home. Kids, they don't care about such things. Sure enough, they huddled together in the back seat with their blue lips and complained until they fell asleep.

Our last day in Virginia was on Wednesday. I hit Trader Joe's to stock up for our trip to the beach the next day. In the evening, we had one of our cousins (and his kids) over for pizza and drinks. I made vegan rice krispie treats. If you ever get a chance to try vegan marshmallows . . . I promise they are better than regular marshmallows and don't involve, you know, death. Prior to the cousin party, we also hit the pool for a while. Mr. M went to the Marine Corps Museum while we were doing that. See, he got to do three whole things he wanted to do!

I have some photos to share of our trip to the beach (we spent four nights in Virginia and then four nights in Ocean City), so I'll do that in another blog post. I'll bet you can't wait!

At Great Falls. It's a good thing this sassy chick (in the pink shirt) doesn't live
close to me because I feel like we would get into a lot of trouble together.

At Grandma's house.

At Kings-a-Million

Four is such a fun age! Here's one for the family photo album.


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