No one has peed on it yet

The big excitement in our house this week? We got new carpet. I've been replacing the flooring throughout our house over the last few years. First I had the kitchen tile done. Then, I went for the living room, dining room, and a hallway. Finally, this week, I had the three bedrooms (plus the other hallway) done. Once that expense is paid off, I'll look into re-tiling the bathroom floors. And then I'll be done with such things until I'm dead. The next time someone has to replace this carpeting, it will be because I've died on it and it's chock full of my DNA.

I had picked out the carpeting several weeks ago. I chose a silver/grey (ahem, "granite dust") for the master bedroom (I hesitate to call it a master bedroom because I think it's only three inches wider than the other bedrooms). The kid selected blue carpeting for her room. I chose a standard sandy color for the guest-room-slash-office. Then I decided to have the hallway done in the same color as the living room and dining room.

I know they don't get the best reviews online, but I've always been happy with Home Depot and its installation contractors. The dudes who show up to install the flooring seldom speak much English but they are very polite and seem to know what they're doing. I've never had any complaints. When they arrived on Monday, Jose came in first and asked me to come out to the truck to make sure the carpet they brought is what I was expecting. I held my carpet squares up to the rolls and was satisfied that I hadn't been short-changed or anything. I gave him a quick tour of the house. We had emptied out the bedrooms almost completely except for a few furniture items. So, I needed to give him a rundown of "this will fall apart if you don't move it carefully" items.

After that, I mostly just tried to stay out of their way. I took Grover for a brief walk and it occurred to me, when I was several blocks away, that I'd left my purse on the counter while I had strangers in my house. However, I wasn't super worried because Jose's neck tattoo indicated that "Family is everything," and he seemed very trustworthy.  Today, a lady from Home Depot called with a survey about the installation so I gave Jose and his helper 10s across the board. I couldn't think of anything to complain about. I found a small nail on the floor after they left but for all I know, it fell out of Grover's mouth or something.

Anyway, it's very nice to have new carpeting throughout the house. 16 years of fostering did a number on the old stuff. I take in fewer foster dogs now, so I'm hoping to keep the new stuff looking decent for a few years, at least. Grover and I had a discussion about his bladder and he's promising to do his best to keep his pee-pee off my new carpet. If not, I'm giving him to Jose because then he would be a member of Jose's family and, as you know, family is everything.


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