Summer O'Fun Rolls On

First I have to tell you about my accidental encounter with hot yoga. There is a new studio that's very close to my house. Walking distance, in fact. I saw that they have a class at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday. I already have a yoga studio that I use, but I thought, what the heck? Plus, the first class is free. So, I signed up and headed over there on Saturday morning. I felt a wave of heat hit me as soon as I walked through the door. Crap. I guess I hadn't read the website very carefully. I find yoga to be challenging enough at regular temperatures - no need to bring heat into it. The classes I usually attend are kept at a "normal" temperature.

Since I was already there, I decided to give it a go. Since this is a new studio and the owner doesn't have a log of clients yet, I was the only person who showed up for this class. The studio itself is very nice. I saw the heaters attached to the walls (near the ceiling) on both sides of the room. I situated myself near the middle of the room in order to be as far away from the heaters as I could get. Two minutes into the class, I was sweating. She had me hold a plank for thirty seconds and I saw sweat dripping off my nose and onto the floor. Ew. Just ew.

I will say that my joints did feel a little more bendy with the heat. I guess that is the reason for the whole thing. I was sweating profusely, though. I swabbed my face with a towel when the opportunity presented itself. The instructor said something like, "Boy, you're sure not used to the heat!" but at the end she told me I did well because I hadn't stopped. She said that most people need to take a break the first time they do hot yoga.

After class, I got into my car and looked at myself in the mirror. Sweet Jesus! I looked like I'd been hit by a truck. A hot, sweaty truck. I had worn just the tiniest bit of mascara because I was headed to Weight Watchers after the class. My mascara had migrated all over the place. Pretty!

Will I go again? I don't know. Maybe. Now I know that I am physically capable of getting through a hot yoga class, so that's something. I know it won't be this weekend because we are headed to the state fair. Instead of detoxifying at hot yoga, I'll be toxifying by eating food on a stick and stuff.

My nephew is visiting from Virginia. A and I drove to the airport to pick him up on Sunday. She made a "welcome" sign for him and everything.  Then, on the way back home (a two-hour drive), I was basically a non-entity. Once those two get together, they are just two peas in a pod. They immediately whipped out their iPads and huddled together to discuss Minecraft stuff. The only reason I was there was because they needed a ride.

On the way home, we stopped at an amusement park so that the cousins could ride a few rides. As we were entering the park, a guy who was leaving gave us all of his tickets. Score! I rode one roller coaster with the kids and then sat down to read while they spun their guts out on various spinny things.

This week, the cousins are in a theater camp together (during the day while P and I are at work). They
will perform a play at the end of the week. My daughter went out for a title role while my nephew auditioned for the role of "nameless kid on skateboard." He is going to serve on the set crew, however. I think that is more up his alley anyway. Last night I took them to a jumpity-jump place, as A used to call it when she was younger. They had a ball and my kid won a 1,000 ticket jackpot.

We are having a fun week and I am so glad that my nephew could come for a visit. It's really hard having family spread out over 4+ states but we find a way to get together and stay close. I was a little nervous because my nephew has a serious peanut allergy (is there a less serious kind? probably not). Anyway, I was at the grocery store for an eternity on Friday so that I could read all the labels and then call/text my sister every time I was unsure of a product. I also packed up all of our peanut butter, snack nuts, etc. and hid them away. So far so good, though. I've got an epi-pen in my purse in case of emergency. The camp has one, too. I'd definitely rather get through the week without having to stab my nephew in the thigh with a syringe, though.

The other day my nephew said, "Aunt Claudia, I have to tell you one thing."

I responded, "What? That I'm the best aunt ever?"

After a slight pause: "Aunt Claudia, I have to tell you two things."

Funny kid. Must take after me.


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