Up with summer!

I really have no point with this blog post other than to tell you how excited I am about the upcoming summer. May was straight-up insane. The kid's birthday, our anniversary, my first 5K, and lots of visitors. It was all good stuff, but it was a bit hectic.

The last day of school is on Wednesday.  My daughter will be a big, bad fifth grader in the fall. It's hard to believe my baby only has one more year of elementary school before she moves on to middle school. I guess she'll be at the top of the heap next year, though. I'm picturing her ruling the school with an iron fist and walking the hallways like she's some kind of royalty. I'm aging myself here, but remember how George Jefferson strutted on that show "The Jeffersons"?  That's what I'm picturing.

I feel like she's had a good school year. She seemed to connect well with her teacher. Her teacher is vegan so I bought her a vegan cookbook as a thank you for putting up with my kid all year. A gave her a card and wrote something like "thanks for helping me to be a pretty good student."  That stuck me as funny somehow. That's my girl - embracing academic mediocrity. :::sigh:::

There have been a lot of changes this school year. From the palate expander to the braces . . . I feel like she looks totally different now.  The palate expander actually changed the shape of her face a bit. Also, there is a whole new focus in her life now. Boys and periods. She attended one of those human growth and development classes - you know the one where they split up the boys and the girls into separate sessions?  That was a few weeks ago and now I have to answer questions like: What does a cramp feel like? How long does a period last? Ai-yi-yi.  She's also interested in when she might expect some growth above the equator. I've talked to her birthmom, who developed late.  So, I don't think my little peanut is going to have any excitement to worry about anytime soon. She made me buy her some "bralettes."  (shhhh, don't tell her you read that)  I gave in (after much begging) because I figured it was harmless. However, I told her that she should consider abandoning the idea for the summer so that she can wear whatever she wants. Once you have to wear a bra, there's really no going back. Plus, and I hate to tell her this, periods and bras are kind of a drag - amiright???  No sense in starting any earlier than nature requires.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand - summertime! On June 24th, my little traveler will board a plane bound for the nation's capitol, where she'll hang out with her aunt, uncle, and cousins. They have a trip planned to Busch Gardens and all kinds of fun stuff. I figure . .. her dad and I have to work, but she may as well spend her summer doing fun stuff. She is also enrolled in a day camp locally for the weeks when she isn't traveling.  On July 3rd, we'll join her in Virginia and spend the 4th of July with my sister and her family. Then, a few days later, the three of us will head to Ocean City, where we will take advantage of the hospitality offered by my dad and stepmom. I cannot wait to get my feet in the sand (and then to keep finding that sand in all of my belongings until Christmas, at the earliest).

Then, the mister and I will leave and head back home. We are leaving our daughter behind, where she will spend the next two weeks never hearing the word "no" from her grandparents. When we finally get her back on July 25th, I expect that she will be thoroughly insufferable. Much reprogramming will be needed.  While she is gone, I will clean out her room, of course. What she doesn't know won't hurt her.

We have lots of plans for August, too.  One of my nephews (from Virginia) will visit in mid-August. He will join his cousin at theater camp. We are taking both kids to the state fair, which should be a lot of fun. My nephew has a deadly nut allergy, though, so that's a little scary. I'll have to text my poor sister every fifteen seconds. ("Hey, just checking to make sure he can have an ice cube? Any nuts in that?"

Finally, later in August, we'll make our annual trip to the lake, where we will be joined by some good friends of ours. I'm hoping for a nice hot summer so that the lake will be warm enough for swimming this year. Last summer was a little bit lackluster in that department. It never really got hot enough for my tomatoes to grow.

So, there you have it. Our big summer plans. Woo hoo!


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