14 weeks back at the ol' dub-dub

I attended my 14th weekly Weight Watchers meeting in a row yesterday. I've lost exactly 20 pounds since late February. I was sure I was headed for a gain on Saturday (I had a run-in with a chocolate cake the previous weekend) but I broke even - right down to the ounce.  Now, you might be thinking, "Hey, Claudia, I've seen you recently and I'm pretty sure you're every bit as fat as usual."  And you wouldn't really be wrong. I have to lose a gazillion pounds before I even change sizes. It's just the way I'm built.

I always find it kind of annoying when People magazine runs its periodic "Half Their Size" issue, where people who have lost a lot of weight are profiled. Invariably, a woman will say (after her dramatic weight loss) that she now weighs such-and-such and that she wears a size such-and-such. Then, a reader will write in the following week and say that there's no way that the first person is that size. We're all different, though. For famous people in Hollywood, their "before" (say, ten minutes after giving birth) is my goal weight. Their goal weight is basically what my bones weigh, and nothing more.  Over the years, I have had a very significant range in my weight. However, no matter how much I lose or gain, I have never been any smaller than a size 8 or any larger than a size 12.

I'm about to celebrate one year of  being fully plant-based (no eggs and no dairy) after being an ovo-lacto vegetarian for something like 25 years. Honestly, it does make things easier sometimes. I was at the mall with my daughter today and she grabbed a cookie sample from the Mrs. Fields shop. Tempting though it may be, automatically I know I can't eat that (it surely contains eggs or milk or both). Keeps me out of trouble. The chocolate cake incident from last weekend . . . well, I made that myself so I knew exactly what was in it. I'm going to a vegan festival at the end of June and I'm pretty darned excited. Apparently there will be samples and for once, I can partake!

I'm fairly proud of my recent loss, even though I've lost these pounds before. Normally, I avoid shorts in the summertime but I actually bought a pair at Old Navy today. My daughter insisted on coming in the fitting room with me. She approved of the way the shorts fit. "What will you wear with them?" she asked me. The shorts were red.

"I don't know . . . a white shirt I guess?"

She frowned. "You'll look like a lifeguard."

That girl knows how to make someone feel special.  I'll be in Ocean City, Maryland in July so if you need me to drag you out of the ocean and save your life that week, just let me know.


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