Birthday Weekend

Our little family went out of town for a couple of days. We rented a suite at a resort. We didn't venture out much since it was bitterly cold outside. On Friday evening, we went to a great pizza place that even has vegan cheese - woo hoo! I managed to spill a drink (my daughter's root beer) as soon as we sat down, so I'm sure that was impressive.

On Saturday, we went to a candy store and then went out to lunch. We encountered white-out conditions on the way to lunch. The snowy photos below show the view of the water.  I've never seen anything quite like it. The temperature hovered at around 0 (and that was without the wind chill factored in).

The kid went swimming at least four times. She made the mistake of saying that I turned 46 on Saturday, so now I have to cut her out of my will. My actual age is 45, thankyouverymuch. Mr. M. went to a particular bakery that offers vegan items and got me a birthday cake.  He even picked up a couple of vegan doughnuts for breakfast. I'll have to squeeze in an extra work-out this week, but it was weeeeeell worth it.


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