How did this happen?

I was deleting emails from my in-box this morning and it occurred to me that I really need to unsubscribe from Graco, Babies R Us, and One Step Ahead. I've been on these mailing lists since my kid was a wee lass. I'm still mildly traumatized from the day I unsubscribed from Carter's mailing list. In just three months, Her Highness will be 10. Double digits, yo.  (And are we quite sure that she definitely doesn't need any onesies????)

Right now, she has a friend over for a sleepover. Every time I poke my head in the room to see how the girls are doing, I hear things like, "Mom alert!" and "Good-bye!" Now, just wait a second here - I'm so uncool that an alarm must be sounded when I come in range? Geez.

In the morning, the kid and I are headed to a pet expo out of town. I'm volunteering with the Boxer Rescue booth and she's volunteering at the reptile booth. I probably won't even see her for most of the day. And she's already talking about going out east this summer (without me, to visit my family).

The fact that she's growing more independent means that I'm doing my job, right?  Right?

The photo is blurry because I only had a second to take it before it was suggested to me that I should move along and find other things to do with my time.


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