I'm having a fabulous time in Virginia. I'm staying with my middle sister and her family.  I'm staying in my niece's bedroom since she's in Australia with her dad. Her bed is super comfortable and I like all the girlie colors in her room. Basically, what I'm saying, is that I'm staying. You cannot overestimate the importance of a good night's sleep. My sister was teasing me yesterday because I was still wearing my pajamas as of 11:30 a.m. In my defense, I was online doing some shopping. Normally, I like to get up at the crack of dawn after Thanksgiving and fling myself into the Black Friday zaniness. However, thanks to the over-packing skills I learned from my mother, I can barely fit my toothbrush into my suitcase. Shopping is pretty much out of the question. I did get some good deals online, though.

My flight out here was not as uneventful as I might have liked. I got to the airport on time, only to find that my flight was delayed. I was disappointed but not overly traumatized. I didn't have a connecting flight or anything, so the only real inconvenience was that my sister was going to have to pick me up much later than anticipated. After I got through security, I headed to Chili's for a beverage and a snack. Because of all the delayed flights and the heavy Thanksgiving traffic, there was a line just to get into Chili's. I wanted food and drink badly enough to stand in it, though. I just kept thinking, "Wow, I am standing in line for a CHILI'S."

Eventually, the plane arrived but the crew had timed out. So, we had to fly to Chicago to pick up a new pilot. Part of me felt vaguely inconvenienced but the more rational part of me understood that it's better to have a pilot who hasn't been in the air for three days or something. Anyway, we flew to DC (with our new pilot) and my sister picked me up at around 12:45 a.m. She was a good sport about the delay.

I am having a great time but am missing my husband and daughter, of course. I've been chatting with them regularly. I have had to explain my solo trip quite a few times to quite a few people. I just want to say for the record that my child has two parents and that it's okay if she spends time with just one of them for a little while. Everyone will live. Plus, I left him with a helpful list.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go take a shower so that I can get out of my pajamas before noon today. I am meeting a friend for lunch this afternoon. My sister and I went out with another friend last night and had a lot of fun. My dad and his fiancee came over for a visit yesterday. I've been getting some visits in but not over-scheduling myself (as I've been known to do).  Later today I'm taking my nephew to visit my grandma. I'm feeling brave, what can I say.


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