Coaster Monster

My daughter is on a mission to ride the same roller coaster 100 times this summer. She's currently at 18, so just 82 to go! The coaster is located in a local amusement park. The ride requires you to fork over four tickets each time you climb aboard. The tickets are only a quarter each. So, just in case math is not your thing . . . it's a buck a ride.  When I told P about the kid's goal, he exclaimed, "THAT A HUNDRED DOLLARS!"  I shrugged.

A couple weeks ago, she and I went over there on a Tuesday night and the joint was almost deserted. She was able to ride again and again and again - eight times in all. I rode it with her the first two times and then I was done. I like the ride but it maketh my head hurt after.  It's an old-school wooden coaster so it's very bumpy.

I sat below the coaster and waited for her. One time I'd see the cars go by and she'd be in the middle, the next time she was in the front, and so forth. And then she discovered the back car. In the back car, you go airborne over the last big bump. For the next few times, I saw her only in the very last car (even if she had to wait longer to get that seat). She's so short that I could really only see her arms as she flew by.

See, her dad might think it's an outrageous waste of money but what if she comes to me when she's 30 and says, "Hey, remember that time you let me ride the roller coaster eight times in a row?  That was the best day ever."  I mean, probably not - but you never know!

Last Sunday we went back with a friend of mine, her kids, plus a couple extra youngsters that belong to another friend of hers. My kid added a few more to her tally that day.  I don't know if she's going to hit 100 or not. She's leaving Saturday and will be out east with my family for three weeks. Then we'll be on vacation for a week in August, too. So, she'll really have to push if she wants to get it all in by the end of summer. But, like they say, anything worth having . . .

I took a couple of shots of the kids on the roller coaster on Sunday.  If you peer at it verrrrry closely, you can see two little arms in the very first car. My little adrenaline junkie.


Kalinda said…
I got dizzy just peering closely at the picture! Oh, too be young and without vertigo.

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