So, this is 8

I took my daughter to the doctor yesterday for a wellness exam.  She turned eight a few months ago so I should have taken her in then. However, her old doctor didn't recommend annual visits so I guess I had it my head that we didn't need to go this year. The new doctor does want to see kids annually, so I booked an appointment. Also, I have enrolled the kid in a new daycare for the fall and needed to have a medical form signed for that.

Her exam went well. Breaking news: she's short! Previously she was in the 10th percentile for height; she is now in the 5th. The doctor said he'd only be alarmed if I told him that both birthparents are extremely tall, which they're not. As long as she keeps growing, there is no cause for concern. She is 47 1/4 inches. As long as she hits 48 and can ride roller coasters at some point, I think she'll be happy. 

As we were leaving the doctor's office,  the nurse gave me summary document that lists normal development for an eight-year-old.

Physical Development:
  • Accident prone. Check!
  • Has a casual attitude toward clothing and appearance. Nope! This girl wants to be as stylish as possible every day.  Tears have been shed over the need to have clothes from Justice.
  • Seems to have boundless energy. Check!
Emotional Development:
  • Starts to realize that others also feel angry, afraid, or sad. Not really, but here's hoping.
  • Is easily embarrassed.  Totally!  The other day we were in a different city and needed to stop at Target. I kind of knew where it was but not exactly. When I found it, I said, "Oh, there you are, Target!"  My daughter looked very alarmed and asked me why I was talking to Target. Once I realized that there was some embarrassment going on, I said, "Because I always talk to Target. Isn't that right, Target?" I kept it up as we walked across the parking lot and at one point she refused to walk any farther until I agreed to stop talking to Target.  
Social Development:
  • Can be argumentative and bossy. Yep. "Mo-om, you are driving the wrong way." Also, I have been accused of not wearing a bra, forgetting to give her a fork with dinner, etc. And yes, every argument is an argument worth having in her book. The other day she refused to get her act together so I went to church without her. Everything is a battle. I've been thinking of having a custom tee shirt made for her that says: "I make everything harder than it has to be."
  • Can be generous and responsive. Sometimes. Last night I made dinner and then decided to eat mine out on the deck. A few moments later, the kid asked if she could join me. "Thank you SO much for dinner, Mama. It's so good. I love you so much!" Then, a few seconds later: "Mom, can I call a friend to come over?" Ah, ulterior motive discovered.
  • Shows some hostility toward the opposite sex.  She had a crush on a little boy in her class for the longest time. However, one day at lunch, the object of her affection took a piece of brownie, rolled it into a little ball, and then shoved it up his nose. My daughter was so horrified by the brownie booger incident that she can't even say the boy's name anymore.  "He. Is. Disgusting!"
  • May question duty to help with household chores. I think we've gone from "questioning" to "outright refusal." 
  • Resists adult guidance at times. No kidding. Her dad and I are getting dumber by the minute. We couldn't possibly know what we are talking about, ever.
A new development (not on the list): lying. She spent much of the summer in a day camp program, where she spends time with some older girls. They taught her some hand-clap games and they braid her hair sometimes. But, there have been less rosy moments, too. One kid told my daughter that her hair looks like an afro (and it was not meant as a compliment). A keeps trying to smuggle stuff to camp . . . stuff she thinks will impress the older girls. The other day she smuggled some money (to buy snacks) and then lied about what she had in her bag. So far it's just little stuff but I have to say I am not a fan of the lying. 

I should add that there are some very definite benefits to having an eight-year-old.  She's very smart and "gets" jokes. I can basically carry on a conversation with her the same as I could with an adult. At restaurants, she can find and walk to the bathroom by herself.  She can help out with errands. She helps me to remember stuff (such as, "We're parked on level 3-B - remember that!").

Last weekend she and I attended an event for the rescue and decided to get a hotel room and stay overnight. We had a lot of fun. We went to a farmers' market and a children's museum. The hotel room had a king-sized bed.  So, naturally, she slid allllll the way across the mattress so that she could kick me in her sleep.  Miss 5th percentile seems to get bigger at night or something. I'll leave you with a few photos from our weekend.

p.s. I love you, Target!

Miss Thang may be grown up in some ways, but she still cannot resist a carousel ride.


Sam said…
That Target thing really made me laugh!

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