So, this is kind of fun

I am working on a blog entry about my new foster dog.  The last thing I needed was another dog at my house, but we're short on foster homes and well . . . what are ya gonna do, right? But in the meantime . . .

I saw a recent blog entry by The Bloggess on the topic of "stuff you thought was true but actually isn't." Some of the items on the list (collected via Twitter) are pretty funny. It caused me to think of dumb stuff I have believed in my lifetime. I, too, thought the Moody Blues song was called "Knights in White Satin."

I also thought that "broughttoyouby" was somehow a single word. For example, "This show broughttoyouby Tide." Don't judge me - I was seven when I thought this.

When I was a kid, I remember hearing the song "Taking Care of Business" by BTO on the radio. I thought they were singing, "Taking Care of FizzFizz."  I thought FizzFizz was perhaps the name of some adorable little tyke they were obligated to babysit from time to time.

Let's see, what else?  My friend Charlie told me that nacho cheese Dorito's have beef in them, so I believed that for a while (it's not true, right?). As a child I believed in Big Foot (mostly because my parents told me that Big Foot would come out of the woods and steal my bike if I didn't remember to bring it in at night). I also thought that I could somehow watch The Brady Bunch in color on my black and white TV because it said "in color" during the opening credits. I believed that eating the decorative parsley on my plate in restaurants was good luck. This little fallacy was, again, brought on by my parents.  This is what happens when teenagers have children, people.

What kind of dumb shit have you believed in your lifetime?


The Lovely One said…
Wait.... the song isn't "knights in white satin?" How does it really go?

It's so funny what kids believe and think.... for years, I wouldn't drink the water out of the bathroom faucet because I thought it was toilet water!
Alabaster Mom said…
Um, apparently it's "Nights in White Satin." So says Google. Again, I am not admitting in any way that I JUST learned that.

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