Rock Lobster

I received an iTunes gift card for my birthday so of course I was compelled to spend it within 24 hours. I spent some time on iTunes, digging around in the Alternative section, checking out the songs that were recommended just for me, and so forth. And then it hit me: I did not have the song "Rock Lobster" on my iPod. Truly, I was horrified. First off, if my friend Kevin were still alive he would probably run me over with his car (preferably his old-school Geo Tracker) for this sort of infraction. He was a big B-52s fan. Second, just how did I miss this? It seems like Rock Lobster should be a building block of any decent music collection. I did have "Private Idaho" in case I get partial credit for that.

So, I bought Rock Lobster. Or rather, my sister bought it for me. Then, as I was making lunch yesterday, I popped my iPod into the radio in the kitchen. I told my daughter she had to come in and dance to the song with me. She was playing games and whatnot online, but her curiosity got the better of her and she agreed to come into the kitchen when I called her. I told her to keep dancing and then when Fred Schneider sang, "Down, down down!" I let her know that she needed to sink to the floor and then stay there until the music started up again.

I cranked up the song and we danced feverishly in the kitchen, our feet pounding rapidly against the linoleum tile. After several minutes of dancing, my daughter asked, "Mom, can I stop? I'm really tired!" I told her that the B-52s would never allow it. In fact, it's illegal. I encouraged required her to dance on.  When we got to the "down down down" part, we spun ourselves down to the floor and laid on our backs. The dogs promptly ran over and stepped on our heads. Then the beat picked up again so we sprang up and kept dancing. She asked again if she could stop and I told her I just couldn't permit it. Yes, the song is seven minutes long but sheesh, a six-year-old should have more stamina than that! Kids these days, I tell you.

When the song ended, she sucked down some lemonade and then got back online to watch The Fresh Beat Band. As if that inane "Bananas" song they sing qualifies as real music! Who knows, maybe someday she'll come to her senses and force her kid to dance to Rock Lobster. Pass the tanning product! 

She's at a friend's house for a play date right now but when she gets home, she'll be delighted to learn that I downloaded another song that requires much dancing:


Audreee said…
I don't typically like Family Guy, but this is funny

I hate the Fresh Beat Band--- by the way.

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