Guys' Weekend

Please forgive me for being so excited about this, but my other half is going out of town for the weekend.  He's leaving at noon tomorrow. He's headed to a cabin or a resort or an old-time biblical revival or something with a bunch of his friends from grade school. I didn't even ask for too many details, to be honest. I just assume that the weekend involves poker and alcohol and detailed discussions about bodily functions.

Why am I so gleeful about his departure, you ask? Why, unfettered access to the TV, of course!  I mean, don't get me wrong.  I love my husband.  I even like him.  We've been together for almost 19 years.  He's a good guy, a good husband, and an excellent father.  However, he spends a lot of time on our couch when he's not at work. Honestly, I worry he's going to develop bedsores over the course of a weekend sometimes. He watches sub-standard movies that arrive in the mail from Netflix (recent examples: Hatchet and Hatchet II - really, there was a need for a second one?).  We recently bought a wireless router, so now he can stream unwatchable crap instantly and doesn't even have to wait for it to arrive in the mail! He also plays games on the PS3. For hours.

Although we do have two televisions, only the one in the living room has a DVR. I do tend to record a fair number of programs every week (House, Intervention, etc.) so occasionally I'd actually like to watch them. This weekend the TV shall be mine, all mine! When the kid watches TV, she generally prefers movies and can enjoy those in our bedroom. Lately she is stuck on Mary Poppins and sits through it at least once a week. I giggle every time the "Step in Time" song comes on, because instead of singing, "Link your elbows, step in time!" she sings "Lick your elbows, step in time!"

In addition to catching up on recorded shows, the kid and I are going to do some fun stuff together.  I'm really looking forward to the weekend with my little sidekick. We're going to a movie on Saturday (obviously rollerskating is out of the question after last week) and to an indoor water park after church on Sunday. I may even take her to *gasp* Chuck E. Cheese's. Perhaps we'll even do something crazy like having breakfast food for dinner. We aren't specifically planning to discuss bodily functions but she is five, after all, and it may come up.

I'll leave you with an upbeat little ditty that's been stuck in my head lately. Happy weekend!


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