Sister Wives

I realize that every blogger on the planet has already weighed in on the show “Sister Wives.” I have tried to refrain, but now it’s bugging me and I can’t help myself. The show airs on Sunday evenings (well, it did – I think it’s actually done now for the season). P works on Sundays evenings, so I get about a half hour to myself after the kid goes to bed. So of course I use that time to read Faulkner watch sub-standard television programs.

Mostly, I have this expression on my face when I watch:

Me, perplexed and befuddled
A few thoughts come to mind during the course of the show. One: is there some sort of man shortage in Utah? I mean, seriously? Four women are wedded to this lone man, Kody Brown (only the first one is a legal marriage, however). It’s hard for me to comment on the apparent attraction to this particular man, because personally I am not drawn to him. I go for the traditional “tall, dark, and handsome” deal myself. My other half is more like “tall, grey, and handsome” these days, but I still dig him. In any case, Kody is essentially the opposite. I believe that Kody thinks Kody is attractive, however.

The next thought is: what is up with all the chicks wearing long-sleeved shirts under short-sleeved shirts? Watch an episode and you’ll see what I mean. It’s an unfortunate fashion epidemic. It should be stopped.

The third thought is basically just a big question mark over my head. If all parties involved are truly happy, aren’t committing any crimes, and are willing participants, who am I to judge? I definitely struggle to get my brain around the concept of polygamy, though. I don’t know if the sister wives just bury the jealousy or deal with it head-on, but I’m hard-pressed to believe it’s not part of their daily lives. When I look at Meri, the first wife, I’d swear I see real pain in her eyes. I mean, religious convictions aside, how do you kiss your husband good-night every evening and send him off to some other broad’s bed? And how do you do that when the new wife, Robyn, is significantly younger and possibly cuter than you are? 

Also, what do you tell your children, particularly daughters? “Listen, sweetie, you’re not special enough to keep the attention of a man all by yourself. So, plan to settle for leftovers every fourth night.”

There have been times when I’ve thought it would be ideal to have a second husband. However, this would be purely a platonic thing. I would feed him and let him play PS3 games and whatnot, of course. Second husband would fill the role first husband refuses to fill which is, “giving a shit about our house.”  I already have the list of handyman tasks on the refrigerator - I just need the handyman. I guess I won't search for him in Utah, what with the shortage and all.


pudelcrazy said…
I thought I was a pretty open minded person and all but this just disgust me. Then to show it on TV like it is something normal it just is not right!
Just Lisa said…
I am strangely fascinated by Sister Wives and I hope it comes back next season. I don't get why anyone would want to share their husband with three other women, but to each their own. Since everyone is willing, I don't get why it's illegal, other than it's defiling the sanctity of marriage.

Meri is my favorite wife, and I think he loves her the most. I like Robin the least. She's coming in late to the party, when all the other wives have been together for 16 years. And she cries during every single episode.

And my opinion of Kody is that he's a clueless chode.
Cassi said…
I think the whole thing is degrading to women. Kody is saying that his 1st wife isn't good enough so he has to go out and get another one and so on. I really don't understand polygamy because most men would say that one women is more than he can handle. But I guess if you have a couple of them, they kinda take care of themselves. The only thing I see as a positive note on Kody's part is that when wifey #1 or #2...etc doesn't want to sexually satisfy him, then he has other ones to go to.
radioactivegan said…
I've never heard of this show, and I'm probably not going to tune in this Sunday ... but I am definitely confused by the whole thing. I would strangle a man who even suggested having another wife. Maybe the sister wives will band together and rise up against him ... just to clarify, the women are not actually sisters, are they?

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